IT News: Google Zeitgeist 2012, Android is Winning, Maxthon Cloud Browser and Much More

December 14, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 14th of December.


  1. Google Zeitgeist 2012 – It is time to see what the world was like in 2012 as reflected through searches on Google, the world's most popular search engine. Google's end-of-the-year lists focus on trending topics that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2012.
  2. 2012 Year on Twitter – Twitter released its annual look back at the year's most popular tweets, biggest trends and most notable moments as seen through the lens of 140-character updates. There was a lot going on, from Hurricane Sandy to Whitney Houston, but the clear standout trend: We love to talk about things on TV.
  3. 2012 Year on Facebook – Facebook is swinging the focus to a very different subject than the usual politicians and pop stars: ourselves. Facebook shows all the personal highlights of the past 12 months that it deems worthy, such as job changes, new friends and the many photos that reached our news feeds.
  4. Android is Winning: Gains 72% of Smartphone Sales for Q3 – It had already been stated (with evidence, in fact) that, in the war between Android and iOS for dominance in the mobile OS field, Android is taking the big lead.
  5. Google now may soon come to Desktop Chrome – Google just keeps on closing the gaps between its products, as today we are seeing that the Chrome team is getting ready to put Google Now into the Chrome browser. An eagle-eyed user spotted code being merged into the Chromium project that is "creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation".
  6. First OS update for Windows Phone 8 codenamed ‘Portico' – The update will bring minor fixes and speed enhancements and is not actually considered to be a milestone release. The codename keeps the tradition of ending in "o". The features in Portico may include fixes to allow always-on wi fi connections, VPN support and unspecified "audio improvements".
  7. Angry Birds Space and Stars Wars now available for Windows Phone 7 – Launched on Android and iOS platforms exactly one month ago, Angry Birds Star Wars introduces new gameplay mechanics, new birds and new special powers.
  8. Number of Facebook users through Windows Phone has increased by 4 times – Windows Phone 8 is accepted by the market much faster than Windows Phone 7, if the number of active Facebook users can talk about anything. Today, the people using the largest social network in the application for Windows Phone, 4 times more than those who went to Facebook with a version for Windows Phone 7 in the same period last year.
  9. WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” Launches With A Completely New Media Manager, Retina Support, Responsive Default Theme – The new version, called “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones, mostly changes how WordPress users interact with images and includes a number of smaller tweaks to various other parts of the application, too.
  10. Google, Facebook and others join forces against software patents – Various major internet and IT companies have stated that the combination of an abstract idea and a computer should not be eligible for patent protection.
  11. Google+ launches communities – Communities are nicely integrated into other Google services – for example you can share links into your communities directly from Google Reader; and with a bit of fiddling can make a Google Doc editable by all members of a community.
  12. Twitter launches new photo filter service to rival Instagram and fresh profile changes – The micro-blogging giant has been entangled in something of a tech cold war with the popular photo-sharing service, following its decision to disable Instagram users' ability to add friends from Twitter.


  1. Maxthon Launches Maxthon Cloud Browser – Maxthon Cloud Browser enables web content pushing, downloading and syncing across multiple devices and platforms to make seamless browsing a reality.
  2. IE Flaw lets sites track your mouse cursor, even when you are not browsing – According to UK-based web analytics firm, this means that passwords and PINs could be captured by a canny thief if they are typed on a virtual (on-screen) keyboard.
  3. We are awaiting for Australis tabs in future versions of FF – Implementing Australis, the new theme for Firefox, is one of the top goals for the desktop team this quarter.
  4. What's new in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone – Microsoft has made significant under-the-hood changes to Internet Explorer for Windows Phone, which is apparent in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is touting IE10 on Windows Phone 8 to be built on the same powerful engine and features thats on IE10 for Windows 8.

Amazing Website's Design:

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  5. – a small but full-screen adaptive video web site.
  6. – a one-page web site with CSS3 animations and easy parallax.
  7. – an adaptive version of the famous web site.
  8. Top 20 CSS web sites 2012 from NetMagazine.

Design It:

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A Bunch of Design Freebies:

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  8. The Designers Christmas Toolbox – Brushes, Textures, Patterns and Vectors Packs.


  1. css3generator – an updated online generator of CSS3-properties.
  2. – an images generator placeholder.
  3. – a CSS3-customizable preloaders generator.


  1. Google on punch cards.
  2. The story of Christmas (in CSS).
  3. Google Droid-gangnam in Pure CSS.


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  2. What is BEM.
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  11. SVGO. SVG optimizer.
  12. Super Mario Media Queries.
  13. Improving Web App Performance With the Chrome DevTools Timeline and Profiles, as well as Measuring Performance On Mobile With Chrome DevTools + Remote Debugging by Addy Osmani.
  14. input[type="datetime-local"] landed on Chrome Canary!
  15. WEBRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS.
  16. Selected video on front end by Paul Irish.
  17. What about responsive URLs?
  18. Build a Location-Based Mobile App With HTML5 and Javascript: Part 1
  19. Get Started with Three.js.
  20. Twitter Bootstrap – an unofficial web site showcasing the very best web sites using the Bootstrap front-end web framework.
  21. Some slides from recent presentations on web development.


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  10. Fullscreen pageflip layout.
  11. Responsive Images: What We Thought We Needed.


  1. jQRangeSlider – a powerful slider for selecting value ranges, supporting dates and more..
  2. Web Standards Days in Moscow.
  3. DataMaps – Interactive maps for data visualizations.
  4. Are your mixins ECMAScript 5 compatible?
  5. Vegas Background jQuery Plugin.
  6. Collie – a high performance animation library for Javascript .

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. The Authentic Infographic History of HTML5.
  2. The Smashing Conference: Exclusive Videos And Interviews.
  3. Psy Makes $8.1 Million By Ignoring Copyright Infringements Of Gangnam Style.
  4. Australia Police Warn Apple Maps Pose Danger.
  5. Vector vengeance: British researchers claim they can kill the pixel within five years.

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