Hottest News: Browser Wars, Mozilla’s 15th Anniversary, Facebook Home, Future of Mobile Cameras and Much More!

April 5, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 05th of April.


Top Seven News

A new milestone in the browser war.

Google forks WebKit and launches Blinkrefusing to contribute WebKit multiprocess support. In response, WebKit developers have made a great cleaning of the engine from any Chrome components. Opera is also moving to Blink rendering engine after Google. The same time Mozilla and Samsung are developing a new browser engine for Android, named Servo. A few thoughts about Blink and Servo by Western developers.

We congratulate Mozilla with its 15th anniversary; see 15 facts of the biggest achievements and milestones for 15 years. Also the company has the following fresh news: official release of Firefox 20, Private Tab Firefox extension, Per-Window Private Browsing, New Download Manager and Firefox 21 Beta.

April Fools' Day.

Programmers developed a new cool theme for Bootstrap, created mobile usability for cats, invented CSS localization and April Fools' Day CSS-snippets, as well as April Fools 2013: The Ultimate Round-Up. As always Google is on top. All of this and much more see in the Fun & Entertainment section.

Finally it happened! Facebook has unveiled Facebook Home, an Android app for smartphones as well as a new smartphone designed by HTC in partnership with Facebook, named HTC First.


We urge you to get acquainted with the Ecma post by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer and with ECMAScript Harmony features in Node.js by the same author. And not changing the topic see JavaScript Garden, a growing collection of docs about the most quirky parts of JavaScript.

Flash or HTML5? Check out this colorful comparison by the example of the online game and make your choice!

The megapixel race actually lost its meaning a few years ago and now engineers pay more attention to quality, but not to quantity. Some is busy with inventing ultra-pixels, the others are making the Binary Pixel sensor and focus on the CPU processing power and graphics chips to process information from sensor. Whatever the race is going to be finished with, in any case we will win as we are the end users.


  1. Facebook Home and HTC First — in the nearest future Facebook is expected to release its own software that runs on top of Android. Having learnt from HTC and Samsung to invert Google's Android OS on their smartphones, Facebook team is doing its best developing a set of widgets that make Facebook an integral part of the smartphone. It seems that Facebook profile can be updated from any of the screens and see the messages or updates right on the main or lock screen. Still, of course, the software needs a home to be installed in. A number of world-known outlets have already commented that Facebook would announce its new software to be available first on HTC First phone. There is not any full spec of the smartphone yet, but the press release has already given us the following info: 4.3-inch glass display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the new Facebook Home experience, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with a dual-core CPU.
  2. Baidu, Google's Chinese rival, is also developing its own smart glasses — according to Kaiser Kuo, the Baidu spokesperson, the company is currently experimenting with their innovative product named Baidu Eye, a possible rival for Google Glass in future. However there was not any public official announcement yet as the product is just under internal testing. Nevertheless, Baidu glasses are expected to be equipped with an LCD display, voice control, image recognition and bone-conducted audio.
  3. Windows Blue looks to be named Windows 8.1 — Microsoft officials have finally decided to name the Windows Blue OS middle-year update as Windows 8.1, positioning it as a part of the Windows 8 product line, but not as Windows 9. Windows 8.1 is expected to bring some refreshment in functionality of Windows 8 + Windows 8 market share in March 2013.
  4. 15 years anniversary of Mozilla — on 31 March, 2013 Mozilla, creators of the popular FireFox Web browser celebrated its 15-years-old anniversary. As a part of the celebrations, Mozilla turned to its fans and users for help in commenting the event and suggesting them the different ways in which they can contribute to the upcoming Mozilla projects. The users were also asked to tell their own stories what the world-known open source browser and Mozilla as an open source entity means to them + 15 facts of the biggest achievements and milestones for 15 years.
  5. BlackBerry moves ahead after solid Q4 results — BlackBerry has just released its first financial report under a new name. Moreover, the financial results of the company in Q4 2012 seem to be more encouraging than they were before. Thus, revenues were $ 2.7 billion with $ 94 million of which is an operating profit. In previous Q3 BlackBerry had the same revenue, but the amount of operating income did not exceed $ 14 million.
  6. Toshiba launches thin 4.7 mm 13 MP camera sensor — on March 28, 2013 Toshiba unveiled TCM9930MD, a new 4.7mm-thin 13 megapixel camera sensor aimed to smartphones and tablets. According to Toshiba, the product is currently the world's thinnest 13MP camera module. The new camera module from Toshiba is not in production yet, but the company is planning to start shipping its samples not later than in May 2013 for about $74 a piece and to start mass production in December.
  7. The XPS 18 portable all-in-one Windows 8 tablet by Dell starting at $899 — Dell proclaimed to have an ideal portable all-in-one tablet PC. The XPS 18 has an 18.4-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels while its 178-degree viewing angles allow the user just to lay it on a table and gather around for fun with close friends. For $899, the XPS 18 is expected to be equipped with an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD when it starts to be shipped on 16 April 2013.
  8. Google released version 0.3 of the WebP library — Google has just announced the release of libwebp-0.3.0 that includes the implementation of encoding and decoding images in WebP format promoted by the company. With the applied compression technologies it is possible to decrease the file size by 25%-34% in comparison to JPEG file of the same quality, and by 26% in the coding mode in comparison to max PNG compression.
  9. The Pirate Bay becomes #1 file-sharing website — having moved its servers to the USA the Pirate Bay really became a kind of the Freedom Bay reaching the top of the file-sharing website ranks. The rise in the Pirate Bay's popularity occurred due to its gradual increase in the number of visitors, but the real reason might have to do with the drop in popularity of one-click hosting websites once MegaUpload appeared to be shut down.


  1. Google forks WebKit with new 'Blink' rendering engine for Chrome — Google has announced its nearest plans to fork the Apple-led open source WebKit in order to create their own HTML rendering engine called Blink. According to Google by forking WebKit into Blink they believe to iterate and deploy changes faster than within more complex WebKit system. The split is supposed to be a mandatory one as Chrome uses different from other web browsers based on Webkit multi-process architecture. By splitting off and developing a new rendering engine, Google developers hope to be able to pick up the pace of their own work without holding back the Webkit project + Chromium Feature Dashboard.
  2. Following Google new Opera is also going to use Blink rendering engine — according to Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie the company once again confirmed their adherence to Chrome after Google has officially announced to fork WebKit and build a new rendering engine called Blink. Thus, desktop and mobile versions of Opera browser are going to move to Blink soon.
  3. Mozilla and Samsung are collaborating their skills to bring new browser engine for Android — on Wednesday Mozilla and Samsung have announced a new partnership to create a next generation web browser engine for ARM services and Android called Servo. According to Mozilla officials Servo will take advantage of faster, multi-core, heterogeneous computing architectures and massively parallel hardware. It is already known that the new engine is being written using Rust, an experimental programming language for Android developers which v.0.6 was released just a few days ago.
  4. Official release of Firefox 20 with per window private browsing, new Download Manager and and getUserMedia for developers by Mozilla — on 2 April, 2013 Mozilla has launched Firefox 20 for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux uploading the new version to its FTP servers. The release includes such important updates as per-window private browsing on a per tab basis, a new download manager in the toolbar, the ability to close hanging plug-ins without the browser hanging.
  5. CSS Font Load Events Module Level 3. Editor's Draft — the CSS module by Mozilla describes events and interfaces used for dynamically loading font resources. The recent builds of FF Devtools also include Font Inspector to check fonts, available characters, code for its connection as well as local and remote paths to files of the font.
  6. Total market share of Microsoft Internet Explore is 55.83% in March 2013 — according to the latest report from Net Applications, Microsoft Internet Explorer gained 55.83% of the overall web browser market in March 2013. Among IE versions, Internet Explorer v.10 had 2.93% market share worldwide compared to 1.57% in February. Meanwhile IE 8 remains to be the most used version of the browser around the globe with 23.23% of the web browser market sharey. In addition, it seems that in the nearest future Internet Explorer may gain more market share thanks to more Windows 8 adoption and new Marketing activities by Microsoft.
  7. Internet Explorer and Webby Awards unveil winners — the Webby Awards Gallery & Archive represents over 15+ years of Webby Honorees, Nominees and Winners as determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. The innovative web solution was developed in a tough partnership of the Webby Awards, Internet Explorer team and the Area 17 interactive agency. The website is built to work across all browsers, including responsive design and touch support, along with keyboard controls and the ability to search by keyword simply by typing.
  8. Internet Explorer 11 & Windows Blue are getting SPDY support — the recently leaked Windows Blue build allowed numerous specialists to examine the internal code of IE 11 in full details unveiling one interesting fact. According to it, IE11 could support SPDY, a protocol developed by Google to make surfing the Internet on a web browser faster using the current Internet infrastructure. The main goal of the protocol is to make web pages load twice faster than they do now using the HTTP protocol. Windows' officials state SPDY will be included not only into IE11, but into the Windows Blue OS as well via the Windows Internet API. That could mean that SPDY will be supported by any Internet apps for Windows Blue.
  9. Once again about shares in browser market — Internet Explorer is rapidly gaining back its shares in the browser market share confrontation. According to Net Applications, IE has reclaimed nearly 2% over the past three months taking a little share from every other active browser. Meanwhile Chrome, FF, Opera and others are currently losing their market shares significantly.
  10. Safari's mobile browser market share index crossed 60% barrier in March 2013 — according to the Net Applications latest research Apple continues to increase its mobile browser share over Android and other mobile platforms with Safari seizing 61.79-percent of mobile browser web traffic in March 2013. Just in February 2013 Apple was proud of its 55.41 %, while Android browser lost a bit less than 1 % failing down from 22.82 % in February to 21.86 % in the same time period.
  11. Debug/Test in multiple versions of IE on one machine (Win/Linux/Mac) — the script found in the web to create virtual machines (based on VirtualBox) for all versions of Internet Explorer of different Windows versions without breaking the license + a post by Chris Paratron.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. Thekingsroadmap — a site-map on the Game of Thrones universe.
  2. — a website with a non-standard scrolling, parallax and animation.
  3. — horizontal website with parallax.
  4. — another website with horizontal parallax, containing a picture story.
  5. — an interactive website for football fans.
  6. — a website with non-standard implementation of navigation.
  7. — a vertical website with themed illustrations and parallax.
  8. — non-standard implementation of transitions between pages.
  9. – based-on-canvas website created with Three.js and Easel.js.
  10. — a gallery with flat metro-interface and animated transitions in Windows 8 style.
  11. — a portfolio with parallax and horizontal touch scrolling.

Design It:

  1. Professional web design: starting business designing web pages.
  2. Google Web fonts: playing nicely in every browser.
  3. Usability: Making things look obvious and intuitive.
  4. Introducing Adobe Blank.
  5. Google Treasure Maps.
  6. Navigation for Mega-Sites.
  7. iicns – icons gallery for iOS.
  8. Helm: a Browser Concept.
  9. The best hidden features in sketch Part 2.
  10. The next big UI idea: Gadgets that adapt to your skill.
  11. 40 beautiful examples of monochromatic website design.
  12. .net Awards 2013: side project of the year.
  13. The collective legal guide for designers (contract samples).
  14. Create Demo: an easy way to Present Adobe Fireworks Design prototypes.
  15. Vintage 3D text effect in Photoshop CS6.
  16. Create a Magma Hot text effect in Photoshop.
  17. Our favorite Filter Forge tutorials.
  18. Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials roundup - March 2013.
  19. Logos: 25 Examples Of Well Thought Egg Logo Designs, 50 Transportation Logos, 40 Brilliant Logos From Shoes Industry, 45 Super Delicious Sushi Logos.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. .Textures: Metal Textures, Fabric Textures, Lined Paper Textures.
  2. 20 sets of sparkle brushes for Photoshop.
  3. 37 useful PSD files for designers.
  4. 25 attractive content slider PSD for download.
  5. 20 web icons & glyph packs for your UI designs.
  6. 10 icon sets from Dribbble.
  7. 9 free fonts for your delight: from Langdon to Bellota.


  1. defineResponsive — a visual demonstration of the adaptive design principles.
  2. SVG Patterns Gallery.
  3. Subtle­Patterns on your website.
  4. How to draw it website + Drawing Now.
  5. — a wall with unique address for publications.
  6. Free web font services – compared.


  1. Responsive progress meter.
  2. (codassium); — WebRTC based video chat + code editor = Awesome interviews.


  1. Flash vs HTML.
  2. New tools for web design and development: March 2013.
  3. Using the console.
  4. CSS Font Load Events Module Level 3. Editor's Draft 22.02.2013
  5. WG Decision on request to drop hgroup from HTML5.
  6. 10 tips for designing localized interfaces.
  7. New tools for web design and development: March 2013.
  8. User testing for web accessibility.
  9. Cross browser compatible HTML5 videos.
  10. WebP library v.0.3.0 is released by Google.
  11. Your Logo, as a Web Font Ligature.
  12. Drop-Down navigation: Responsive and Touch-Friendly.
  13. App Showcase with Grid Overlay.
  14. Introducing navigator.mozPay() for web payments.
  15. Creating an adaptive system to enhance UX.
  16. Web Developer checklist.
  17. Easy high DPI images.
  18. An introduction to Edge Reflow.
  19. 3D-ifying documents using CSS transforms.
  20. 8 guidelines and 1 rule for responsive images.
  21. Toward webmaker custom elements, web components.
  22. Media Queries are a hack.

April Fools' Day by Developers:

  1. A theme for Twitter Bootstrap, from Divshot.
  2. Mobile usability for cats: Essential Design principles for Felines.
  3. CSS localization by Adobe developers.
  4. Harmlessly goof up your co-workers browser and chrome dev tools.


  1. How CSS @supports work.
  2. Pop hover by Chris Coyier.
  3. Media Queries in SVG images.
  4. Ditching the Shoehorn: Designing Type that eorks on ePubs, Mobi and the Web.
  5. Origami: a CSS 3D foldout image gallery.
  6. Make a 3D iPhone with CSS.
  7. Style-Guide-Boilerplate.
  8. CSS Masking.
  9. FESS - Fat Expanded Style Sheets.
  10. Responsive CSS Framework Comparison: Bootstrap vs. Foundation vs. Skeleton.
  11. Animating Circular Paths using CSS3 animations.


  1. JavaScript Garden — a growing collection of docs on the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language.
  2. Sidr — the best jQuery plug-in for creating side menus.
  3. JavaScript Object Literal.
  4. ECMAScript Harmony features in Node.js.
  5. Fullscreen javascript API - Living Specification.
  6. JavaScript Physics Engines Comparison.
  7. LayerSlider - 3D Responsive jQuery slider plug-in.
  8. Essential JavaScript: the top five graphical libraries.
  9. Chardin.js — simple overlay instructions for your apps.
  10. fragment.js — a tiny (625 bytes gzipped) tool for easily loading html fragments and template.
  11. Keep the Rhythm — vertical rhythm on objects having dynamic heights.
  12. jison — Your friendly JavaScript parser generator.
  13. Draggabilly — Make that shiz draggable.
  14. FractionSlider — Query plug-in for image/text-sliders.
  15. Sonic — Canvas-based loaders with an editor.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Google declares open war on Europe's privacy rights.
  2. Make your own 3D world in your smartphone.
  3. What the future holds for smartphone cameras.
  4. The Smartwatch Battle is on: what an Apple, Google and Samsung smartwatch means for you.
  5. 11 Reasons why guy Kawasaki thinks Android is better than Apple's iOS.
  6. Real-time Web Monitor by Akamai.
  7. The 11 phases of a Web Developer's career (as Illustrated by Memes).
  8. Facebook Home for Android and HTC Facebook smartphone launch on April 12.
  9. Microsoft offering bounties for Windows 8 apps.
  10. 10 things Amazon doesn't want you to know.
  11. April Fools' Day Jokes:

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