Hottest IT News: CSS Magic Numbers, Samsung Domination, Useful Bookmarklets, Tricks of Hackers and Much More!

April 26, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 26th of April.


Top Seven News

CSS Magic Numbers

Chris Coyier draws our attention to Magic numbers in CSS and harmfulness of their use. Obral Senyum shows how to work with backgrounds in CSS. And Chris Mills introduces us to the native CSS feature detection via the @supports rule. And finally Rodney Rehm brings together the main principles of CSS3 transitions in one article.

Samsung Domination

Samsung is currently a leader in the mobile market with 30% market share in Q1 2013. In addition, Samsung plans to ship 10 million Galaxy S IV smartphones from the first month, apart from the fact that Samsung imagines a future with mind-controlled tablets.

Happy Birthday YouTube! 10 favourite videos that went viral.

Useful Bookmarklets

Many web developers are actively using bookmarklets to optimize their work on projects. Here are some of them: Breakpoint Inspector to determine media rules, gridwax to add grids, Printliminator to remove unnecessary blocks in printing, Viewport Resizer to test responsive design, SEO, plus useful things for Mobile Safari, as well as a whole bunch of bookmarklets for browsers.

Tricks of Hackers

AP Twitter hacked claims Barack Obama injured in White House explosions, Associated Press Twitter hacked causes stock market crash and account suspension, AP hack illustrates real consequences of poor social media security. After such events Twitter is going to implement two-factor authentication.Evernote hack exposes user data forcing extensive password resets.

Technique for Responsive Images

There is a new technique to implement responsive images - Clown Car. Also there is a solution for Responsive drop shadows.

Cars and IT

Alliances of car manufacturers and IT companies lead to extremely surprising solutions: Volkswagen unveiled iPhone-integrated iBeetle (a loud attempt to combine Beetle and iPhone brands). While Asus and Toyota are uniting to represent an innovative navigation system.


  1. YouTube is 8 years old on Tuesday — on April 23, 2005 the very first 20-seconds video-clip was posted on YouTube by Jawed Karim. The clip was recorded at the San Diego Zoo by Yakov Lapitsky. At that moment no one knew how famous and enormously big the website would become in a few years. Nowadays, monthly, YouTube generates more content than all the world-wide known movie studios have in the last 60 years. Thus, YouTube has had over one trillion views for its eight-year existence.
  2. switched to Open Sans free font — Open Sans free font seems to become the new standard for web, and not only for web. This neutral font looks good both in mobile applications and when printing. became the next world-known website that gave up old Helvetica/Arial in favor of Open Sans.
  3. Online retail giant Amazon comes to Russia — according to Forbes one of the world's biggest online retailers Amazon is opening a representative office in Russia. The decision was taken just in a couple of days after Amazon officials proclaimed its strategy to extend its app distribution business to nearly 200 countries more. Russia is currently considered as the largest Internet market in Europe with online audience of more than 61 million active users.
  4. Facebook testing Google WebP image format — it is rumored that Facebook is currently trying to present images on social networks through an innovative Google image format called WebP. Thus, the widely supported JPEG is moved away. So now when JPEG photos are uploaded by users, the social-networking juggernaut converts them into the WebP format automatically. The main benefit of WebP images is that they are 30% smaller than JPEG images of a similar visual compression level, but the same time the format is not supported by any of the major operating systems natively.
  5. Adobe Social unveils Predictive Publishing for social networks — Adobe is getting ready to announce new predictive tools for Adobe Social that should be particularly helpful to marketers wondering why some social media posts take off while others fall flat. Users can launch a widget that shows the estimated range for a number of Likes, comments and shares their posts will receive. The other important indexes can be also identified and Adobe will track and predict them as well. Before publishing, the service will notify customers if there are some things that could be improved.
  6. Git turns 8 years old — on Friday, 26 April, 2013 Git, the open-source version-control system that became extremely popular with enterprise developers celebrates its 8th anniversary. While Git's initial release happened only in 2005 and it first needed several years before getting noticeable and impressive. By the end of 2013 Git predicted to be on the position among the most widely-used SCM tools.
  7. Apple schedules WWDC 2013 for June 10 — Apple has already proclaimed the dates for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The event will be held on June 10 - 14 at San Francisco's Moscone West. Tickets for the conference became available since Thursday, April 25. Traditionally WWDC 2013 activities are going to include 100+ technical sessions presented by Apple engineers on a wide range of interesting topics on development, deploy and integration of the latest iOS and OS X technologies.
  8. Pocketbook announced the first world's reader with color E-Ink screen in Russia — on Wednesday Russia's manufacturer PocketBook announced its a new color eReader, the PocketBook Color Lux. An 8" eReader is equipped with a 600 x 800 resolution Triton 2 E-Ink display. The pocketbook can display colors and many more shades of grey than a standard E Ink eReader in comparison to those provided by Amazon and Sony.
  9. iPad's share declined while Android tabs show a rapid growth — more and more often potential customers consider Android devices as equal in quality to Apple's iPad. Due to this fact Apple has seen its share of ownership drop 10 percentage points in the market of portable devices last year, falling from 73% in Q1 2012 to 63% in Q1 2013. This decline in market share comes despite the recent releases of its 4th generation iPad and iPad Mini.
  10. First Firefox OS developer phones are already sold out — the first Firefox OS-powered mobile devices made by the Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone became available for purchase on Tuesday. Keon is priced at $119 and Peak is at $194. Unfortunately, both devices are currently shown as “Out of stock” only in a few hours after going on sale. The devices are essentially preview devices, designed to give developers ability to check what they can do with innovative Linux-based open-source mobile OS before its official launch in June, 2013 in Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Venezuela.
  11. Intel is promoting the concept of adaptive monoblock PC — everyone has already heard and even got acquainted with various convertible tabs and laptops, but the same cannot be said yet about convertible all-in-one desktop PCs. The world's tech giant Intel wants to be the first to implement this innovation. At the moment ASUS 18.4" Android desktop-tablet hybrid is the only one example of the company among the devices the company produced in this noteworthy segment in the market. Chinese 27" Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon is the second and somehow closer to Intel's innovative idea.
  12. Yahoo is closing 5 more services and stops supporting outdated mail interfaces — on Monday Yahoo officials proclaimed their plans as for giving up such services as Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids and the feature phone versions of Yahoo Mail and Messenger. According to Yahoo, while the smartphone versions of Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail will have further updates, both the feature phone versions and legacy smartphone versions of these apps will be closed. This is all part of Yahoo's move into the mobile universe they've been vocal about this week more than once. The services mentioned above said to be unavailable since their shutdown on April 30, 2013.
  13. Samsung is currently a leader in the mobile market with 30% market share in Q1 2013 — according to Counterpoint Research analysts Samsung sold around 25 million smartphones in January - March 2013 or 70 million devices in Q1 2013. Note that Samsung only increased its leadership in smartphones growing market share from 28% in Q4 2012 to 30% in Q1 2013. Certainly, 70 million unit shipments in a single quarter is a big thing. But the question is if Samsung could achieve milestone of 390 million units index in 2013 with the same pace?
  14. Samsung plans to ship 10 million Galaxy S IV smartphones from the first month — Samsung announced its intentions to release its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4, in the end of April in 50 countries. The shipments within the first month are rumored to be up to 10 million units as Galaxy S4 has an extremely high demand all over the world. But what makes Galaxy S IV the best? We know the answer: 5" full-HD super AMOLED 1920*1080px display, the eye tracking method allows the user to go through the web pages just with eye movements, 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor or 1.2GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor in international 3G version, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, 13 MPX auto focus camera with LED flash and much more.
  15. Google Now may appear on the main page of the search engine — if the information announced in the Google Operating System blog is true then we should know that Google is currently testing adding Google Now functionality to the Google home page. Google Now main task is to get users with the information they need in the very appropriate moment. Thus, being in the airport, Google Now would show you the gate information. If you are leaving for work, the application would show you traffic and driving directions. Google Now is currently available for Android users and Google Glass users, while Google's home page may soon have Google Now functionality as well.
  16. Apple reports Q2 2013 results — on Tuesday Apple announced financial results for the 1st calendar quarter of 2013 and the 2nd fiscal quarter of 2013. For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $43.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $9.5 billion, or $10.09 per diluted share in comparison to revenue of $39.2 billion and net quarterly profit of $11.6 billion or $12.30 per diluted share in the same quarter a year ago.
  17. Apple's App Store hits 45 billion downloads — according to Apple, the App Store can be proud of over 45 billion total app downloads. It means that there are over 700 million app downloads per a day or over 800 downloads per a second. That sounds impressive. The company announced that having 850,000 currently available apps on the App Store, there are 350,000 designed for iPad. As of Wednesday, the App Store is available in 155 countries, covering 90% of the population all around the globe.
  18. Microsoft announces Build 2013, set for June in San Francisco — according to the company officials the event will take place on June 26 - June 28 at the Moscone center in San Francisco covering “what's next” for Windows 8, Windows Server, the Azure cloud computing service, and other products updated recently. The registration opened on Tuesday, April 2, with tickets cost $1,595 - $2,095.


  1. The Internet Explorer 8 Countdown — if you are even a beginner in web design, you know how problematic it is to make your work results to look perfectly right in Internet Explorer 8. It's surely outdated and does not comply global web standards any more. Don't be surprised if your web design that looks nice in Chrome, Firefox or Safari could have a horrible look in IE8 (as in all its previous versions as well). Finally Microsoft has launched the countdown to the end with a map that shows Internet Explorer8 browser share around the world. 10% of the world still uses the browser at the moment, with highest indexes in Asia and North America.
  2. Canvas blending is now available in Firefox 20 — finally the latest version of the Firefox browser supports getUserMedia call from WebRTC, which gives programmers an ability to access the user's digital camera or microphone if necessary. In addition, Firefox 20 also supports blend modes for the element and a number of audio and video updates. 


Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. — Germans are experimenting with navigation or full-screen website with Drag-navigation. Data uploading using Ajax and CSS3 effects.
  2. — CO3, la science dans ton chez toi!
  3.— an expedition to the North Pole. The website is packed with CSS3 animations.
  4. — non-standard geometry and lots of CSS3 animation effects.

Design It:

  1. Pixel Perfect Precision — a wonderful book for web designers to create design pixel by pixel.
  2. Inspirational 3D typography.
  3. — usability check-list.
  4. A year of icons.
  5. A repurposing Photoshop for the web.
  6. Yahoo! Weather App для iPhone, iPod и iPod Touch.
  7. Mobile: never use native drop-downs for navigation.
  8. 2013 font trends.
  9. Android cheat-sheet for graphic designers.
  10. Repurposing Photoshop for the web.
  11. Facebook reveals new logo.
  12. Logos: with creative concepts, inspired by woman part 1 and part 2, with buildings, Moon logos for inspiration.
  13. Android cheat sheet for graphic designers.
  14. Trending now: designing with video backgrounds.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Cool and free music player PSDs you should see.
  2. Open-source tools for web designers and developers.
  3. 10 free useful incoming call PSD files for mobile designers.
  4. PSDDD — a resource used to search for fresh PSD sources in Dribbble.
  5. Textures: Wood bench textures, subtle patterns for minimal designs.
  6. Fonts: Bamq Typeface, cool and free Graffiti fonts.
  7. Icons: 8 beautiful and free flat icon sets, free icon fonts for designers and developers.
  8. Tons of free vector silhouettes!


  1. Bookmarklet to add grids to the website.
  2. Google fonts viewed more than 500 billion times.
  3. — UI elements keywords search.
  4. Layoutit! — web interface development on Bootstrap directly in the browser.
  5. — a service with the color palettes of websites.


  1. Spider web.
  2. Experiment with HTML5 audio.


  1. jRIApp — a new HTML5 app framework demo.
  2. Source BSP file format.
  3. Performance Checklist for the Mobile Web.
  4. HTML5 Quick Start with Boilerplate.
  5. News from Mozilla developers: HiDPI support, HTML5 notifications, Parallel JS, asm.js and more.
  6. Simple YouTube menu effect.
  7. Permalinks tutorial.
  8. ARIA's application role.
  9. Markup Framework: a starting point for web design.
  10. Bottstrap vs Foundation: which CSS framework is more popular and which is better.
  11. How to use HTML5 audio (part 1).
  12. Deprecating IE6 and IE7 support in Twitter for websites.
  13. HTML5 video bytes on iOS.
  14. Kick ass cross-platform workflow with grunt.
  15. Showing multimedia fallback content when no supported source is found.
  16. Push notifications to the browser with server sent events.
  17. Building a Google Maps application with updating markers.
  18. Simple YouTube menu effect.
  19. Full screen layout with page transitions.
  20. FE optimization: one less JPG.


  1. Architecting Scalable CSS by Harry Roberts.
  2. CSS3 Transitions: Thank God we have the specification!
  3. Breakpoint Inspector: a CSS media query bookmarklet.
  4. Unicode CSS Classes.
  5. Fullscreen layout with page transitions.
  6. Using tabindex with :focus.
  7. Demonstration of work with backgrounds in CSS.
  8. cCSS3 Flexible Boxes.
  9. Zelda: a link to the CSS.
  10. Invert a whole webpage with CSS only.
  11. Magic Numbers in CSS.
  12. Native CSS feature detection via the @supports rule.
  13. Responsive drop shadows.
  14. Clown car technique for responsive images.
  15. ptb/flexgrid: a flexbox-based CSS grid in 3.6k.


  1. tFormer — the plug-in to control your HTML forms easily.
  2. — see all JavaScript codeflow, in a high performance webGL visualiser.
  3. codoplayer — Quality HTML5 / Flash video player for your perfect website.
  4. Quality HTML5 / Flash video player for your perfect website.
  5. jQuery custom content scroller.
  6. PathFinding.js — algorithms to find the paths.
  7. Stealing the users back button with the History API.
  8. Clockface timepicker for Twitter Bootstrap.
  9. FPSMeter.
  10. jQuery Builder.
  11. Sly - JavaScript library for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.
  12. Intention.js — DOM manipulation based on an html attribute spec.
  13. The concepts of WebGL.
  14. Hand.js — a polyfill for supporting pointer events on every browser.
  15. What's New in jQuery 2.0.
  16. Snap.js — drop-down menu in "off canvas" style.
  17. verlet-js — a simple Verlet integration physics engine written in Javascript.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Happy Birthday YouTube! Here are our 10 favourite videos that went viral.
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro unboxing and impressions + photos.
  3. Inside 3D Printing - the first B2B conference and expo held in New York City.
  4. Hands on: Facebook Home review.
  5. Mars One astronaut selection announcement.
  6. NASA launched three smartphone satellites into orbit.
  7. Volkswagen preps iPhone-integrated iBeetle for reveal soon.
  8. Asustek Computer launched an integrated navigation system for Toyota electric cars on Tuesday.
  9. How to Contact Google if necessary.
  10. Google hits Mozilla with spam penalty over user generated content.
  11. More than 9 million Google Glass-like devices expected to ship by 2016.
  12. Hackers' tricks: AP Twitter hacked claims Barack Obama injured in White House explosions.
  13. Associated Press Twitter hacked causes stock market crash and account suspension.
  14. AP hack illustrates real consequences of poor social media security.
  15. Twitter to implement two-factor authentication after recent hacks.
  16. Evernote hack exposes user data forcing extensive password resets.
  17. 6 ideas to help take advantage of Facebook's new cover photo rules.
  18. Facebook Home hits 500K downloads in 5 days.

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