Hottest IT News: Google Glass Advancing, GitHub’s 5th Anniversary, Best Open Source Projects and Much More!

April 12, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 12th of April.


Top Seven News

Soviet Mars-3 Lander was found.

NASA: Could this be the Mars Soviet 3 Lander?, Russian space fan may have found lost Soviet Mars probe in NASA photos, Top 10 Soviet and Russian space missions.

Google Glass advancing.

Google Glass is coming: Building new experiences with Google Glass by Timothy Jordan, Google Gla$$ parade, Glass Collective - funding innovation through Glass, 5 places Google Glass has already been banned.

GitHub 5th anniversary.

We congratulate GitHub with its fifth anniversary and offer you to look through the resources for learning Git and GitHub.

Improve search and indexing in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization starter guide by Google + Canonical Link Element (video) + SEO tutorial for beginners 2013 = good knowledge base for successful indexing in Google search. Take attention to 5 common mistakes with rel=canonical as well.

We offer you a list of winners according to, which combined such projects as Firefox OS, Bootstrap, Conditionizr and others.


Statistics on Preprocessor usage, Why you scared of Sass?, 8 compass extensions you may not know as well as the fresh presentation "Defensive Sass - modular styles for the modern web".


Using the Parallax to create visual interest and surprise, 10 pro tips to build a parallax scrolling website.


  1. GitHub celebrates its fifth anniversary — GitHub, the online repository for software projects using the Git revision control system celebrated its 5 years anniversary on Thursday. According to GitHub representatives it increased a number of its registered users from 6,000 to 3.5 million and its repositories from 2,500 to 6 million since its release in 2008. In January 2013, Google released code onto GitHub to try and attract developers to the Google Cloud Platform, while Microsoft announced its intentions to add GitHub support for its Visual Studio development-tool suite and Team Foundation app-lifecycle-management technologies.
  2. Google plans to turn .search into a top-level domain that any search service can use — it is known that Google's competitors are not interested in obtaining the .search top-level domain by Google. But the search giant has already announced its plans according to .search in a letter to ICANN. Google stated that it would use the "search" domain in a pretty unusual innovative way. Namely, it is going to be used as a dotless domain of new technical standard to provide users with the results from any search service. In other words, Google will not be mandatory to be used if you do not want it.
  3. Google Play is updated again — on Tuesday in the official Android blog Google announced that the Play Store app with the updated look and feel became available to Android devices. According to Google the app with a new look is aimed to be simple and clean focusing on the entertainment content. Since 9 April, 2013 all devices running Android 2.2 and above are expected to be automatically updated with the new Google Play store.
  4. Leaked images of Google Babel Interface — over the past fortnight it was rumored that Google is currently working on Babel, a cross-platform messaging service that is aimed to unite all of its existing communication products, from Google Talk and Hangouts to Voice and Google+ Messenger. Screenshots of what seems to be the web interface of Google Babel have been leaked recently. It is clear from the screenshots that the new Gmail Chat tool has a threaded messaging layout with image thumbnails replacing the conventional text-based layout while the right panel seems to suggest that photo sharing would become a full feature and many others.
  5. Google Web Fonts will show the fonts of the 3rd-party developers soon — according to Raziel Alvarez, Google engineer the service has obtained the opportunity to search for fonts on other resources, particularly in the Monotype library. The Google Web Fonts service is intended for instant connection of fonts to a web page and allows programmers to use hundreds of free fonts when creating a website or a blog. Once the user selects the desired font and adds it to the collection, the service automatically creates the code for the specified font.
  6. North Korea's ballistic missile launch postponed due to problems with Windows 8 — North Korean national news agency yesterday announced that there would be a delay of a missile launch due to the problems with Microsoft's modern Windows 8. It is rumored that the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has personally declared war on Microsoft.
  7. Mark Zuckerberg starts a new political movement called Forward US — on Wednesday evening in his interview to the Washington Post Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed the creation of (sounds like "forward us"). A political group aimed at renovation of immigration policy, improvements in education sphere and additional investment in scientific studies as well as offering legal immigrants a path to citizenship in the USA.
  8. Why PC shipments are declining so rapidly? — everyone knows that the market of personal computers and laptops is currently in a very bad position, but just a few realized how really bad it is. On Wednesday, IDC, a market research company posted a report on PC sales for Q1 2013. According to IDC global shipments of PCs fell 13.9% in January - March 2013 period representing the worst drop during the last decade. Even the sales hybrid PCs i.e. a kind of laptops that can be converted to tablets appeared to be minimal.
  9. Stats of Windows Phone devices: Nokia is the leader — according to AdDuplex Nokia Lumia 920 has become the most popular Windows Phone device for less than a half year. Top 5 of Windows Phone is completely occupied by Nokia in April 2013. They are: Lumia 920, Lumia 800, Lumia 710, Lumia 610 and Lumia 820. Note that 80% of the Windows Phones in the market are currently produced by Nokia, with just 14 % by HTC.
  10. Innovative 4K high resolution is coming: Intel announces the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface with support for up to 20Gbps throughput, as well as 4K support, Sony announces price and availability of its new XBR 4K Ultra HD LED TVs, the high speed Phantom Camera gets 4K capabilities including support up to 1,000 frames per second.
  11. Vine is currently the number one free app in the Apple app store — Vine is a service that allows anyone on iOS devices to record six seconds snippets of video to share on Twitter and Facebook. At the moment Twitter's video sharing service hit the number one spot for free apps in the Apple app store. According to TechCrunch Vine needed just a half year to become the top social app in the USA, Canada and Sweden.
  12. Twitter is launching a new music app today following We Are Hunted acquisition — today Twitter is expected to launch its long-rumored standalone music app. Users will have an ability to listen to music clips inside the app as well as using existing services such as SoundCloud and iTunes. Following this way Twitter can avoid complex licensing agreements with music labels completely legally. The app also allows video playback via VEVO, the popular music video service owned by Universal Music and Sony. There are no details yet what OS the app is launching on. According to CNET it will be limited to iOS only.


  1. Firefox 21 beta testing has already started — Firefox 21 moved to the beta testing phase that means the stop of the basic functionality formation process and focus on bugs detection and quality control. At the same time the aurora-branch of Firefox 22 is created and going to be separated soon. New features of Firefox 22 are not approved yet, as in the testing phase of aurora-branch there will be an estimation of certain innovative features if they are ready to be released. According to the six-week development cycle, Firefox 21 release is scheduled for May 14, and Firefox 22 on June 25.
  2. Mozilla is working on Web payments API for desktop and smartphones — Mozilla announced a new web payment system designed for devices running on Firefox OS to make payments easy and secure. The JavaScript API code-named navigator.mozPay() based on the Google Wallet version is modified for multiple payment providers and carrier billing. The API is going to be first introduced in the Firefox OS as well as in Firefox for Android and desktop Firefox a bit later.
  3. Chrome is leaving WebKit for Blink in 10 weeks — last week Google officially announced plans to fork the rendering engine WebKit and create its own rendering engine, based on WebKit, called Blink. Google has already released the Chrome 27 beta and already is thinking about Chrome 28, which will include the recently announced switch to Blink. According to the latest Q&A video Google hopes to release its stable versions of Chrome 28 with embedded Blink for Android and desktop within the nearest 10 weeks.
  4. What we know about Internet Explorer 11 — IE 11 equipped with many new features is expected to be released this year alongside the Windows 8.1 update. But it is already possible to take a look at some of the new features and functionality. Among the novelties there is SkyDrive-powered browser synchronization that now supports the active tabs — just like Chrome and Firefox do. IE11 also introduces a download manager in Modern mode providing quick access to download history as well as to the folder where the files are being saved. The desktop browser is pretty similar to IE10, but with one important change. IE11 on the desktop supports the same touch navigation features as its Windows 8 modern/Metro counterpart. And many other changes which are described in detail in the post.
  5. Google's Blink Q&A (Video) — shortly after Google revealed Blink, a new browser engine for Chrome a lot of questions occurred what special meanings it has for web programmers and Google Chrome users. Google Chrome team shared a video that contains answering to some of those questions asked by the developer community about Blink. Engineering team leads Darin Fisher and Eric Seidel are joined by Project Manager Alex Komoroske and Developer Advocate Paul Irish.
  6. A short translation from Bullshit to English of selected portions of the Google Chrome Blink developer FAQ — an especially expressive post by PRNG which totally shreds a dozen of the original Chromium FAQ as set out by Google. Some of the highlights include the following: Why is Chrome spawning a new browser engine? What sorts of things should I expect from Chrome? What should we expect to see from Chrome and Blink in the next 12 months? What about the long term? and many others.
  7. Helm: a Browser concept — look at Sebastiaan de With's concept of a much more simple browser and try to enjoy a much more simple layout and design than in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Probably you will have to sacrifice some of the development tools and extensions you got used to when walking through the concept, but you will surely like it.
  8. Does WebKit face a troubled future now that Google is gone? — recently Google officially proclaimed its intentions to fork the WebKit engine in order to create native Blink browser engine for Chrome based on more modern code. But it seems that not everyone is pleased with this development. Thus, WebKit developers are going to remove all Google-related code from the engine. Another interesting development relates to Safari browser for iOS and OS X as the most prominent one to use WebKit making Apple will to be a single-handedly leading WebKit engine developer. Read about these and other upcoming changes in detail in the post.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. .net Awards 2013: best online portfolio.
  2. — a website that allows you to create a mini-track on the main page.
  3. — a portfolio website, full of parallax effects.
  4. — a website with non-standard approach to navigation.
  5. — another technique to place the navigation.
  6. — scrolling effects and animated characters.
  7. — custom geometry in design as well as in slider and in scroll effects.
  8. — if the Earth were 100px wide, how far would it be to Mars? (in Borjomi style).

Design It:

  1. Ditching responsive design.
  2. The modern Russian design — an official trailer.
  3. Responsive mobile navigation menu - methods and solutions.
  4. Transitional interfaces.
  5. Using the Parallax trend to create visual interest and surprise.
  6. Build a parallax scrolling website: 10 pro tips.
  7. A brief history of Graphic Design.
  8. Sketchsheets for Responsive Web Design.
  9. Redesigning the Save symbol.
  10. Understanding Typographic Hierarchy.
  11. Everything I know about design I learned playing Starcraft.
  12. Eight Lessons in Mobile Usability Testing.
  13. Windows Phone Patterns.
  14. The End of an Icon.
  15. Universal Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop + Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet.
  16. Magically Turn Photoshop Layers Into CSS3 With CSS Hat.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. 25 Perfect Sets of Free Social Media Icons.
  2. Retro Vectors.
  3. Watercolor Stained Paper Textures.
  4. Icons: Exclusive Freebie for Noupe's Readers: 500 Icons in our Freepik Web Mega Bundle, Metrize Icons - a collection of 300 Metro-Style Icons for Designers and Developers, Awesome Free Web UI Kits For Your Next Web Design Projects, Wine glasses icon set.
  5. UI components: 25 Brilliant Fresh Freebies From Dribbble, Web UI kits for your next web design, Flat Braun UI.
  6. Fonts: 25 Free Pixel-Perfect Fonts for 8-Bit Designs.


  1. Printable Papers — free printable papers for the daily use.
  2. Niice — s earch engine with taste.


  1. An interactive canvas-experiment.
  2. Skycons — a set of ten animated weather glyphs.
  3. Google Street View Hyperlapse.
  4. Project Windstorm — 3D landscape built with WebGL technology.
  5. Tunnel vision 3D CSS.


  1. Web Development conferences in Europe.
  2. Semantic web – W3C.
  3. 5 common mistakes with rel=canonical.
  4. SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2013.
  5. Terrific — an interesting approach to the modular organization of the project structure.
  6. Resources for Learning Git and GitHub.
  7. .net Awards 2013: open source project of the year.
  8. Improve Mobile Support With Server-Side-Enhanced Responsive Design.
  9. WYSIWYG and WYSIWYM Editors.
  10. Developer Tools Update – Firefox 22.
  11. — open web platform daily digest.
  12. URLs are for People, not Computers.
  13. File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns.
  14. Model-driven Views — a way to write dynamic HTML using HTML.
  15. Using HTML5 form types.


  1. Tips And Tricks For Print Style Sheets.
  2. CSS Animations & CSS Transitions - Editor's Draft.
  3. CSS: Animation Using CSS Transforms.
  4. A collection of best Frontend frameworks for web development.
  5. Statistics on Preprocessor Usage.
  6. Can we get rid of gradient prefixes?
  7. Body Border, Rounded Inside.
  8. Adaptive Web App UI with CSS Regions.
  9. CSS Regions and Exclusions on mobile.
  10. Boost Sass & Compass efficiency.
  11. Why you scared of Sass.
  12. CSSCSS — a CSS redundancy analyzer that analyzes redundancy.
  13. FESS — Fat Expanded Style Sheets.
  14. Autoprefixer — parses CSS and add prefixed properties and values when it really necessary for selected browsers.
  15. Em Baseline Generator.
  16. Poor man's nth-child selector for IE 7 and 8.
  17. Streamlining The Front-End Development Process With The Gumby Framework.
  18. Why a CSS alternative to.
  19. Your Logo, as a Web Font Ligature.
  20. 8 compass extensions you may not know.


  1. classlist.js — utilities for detecting, adding and removing classes.
  2. Responsive navigation plug-in without library dependencies and with fast touch screen support.
  3. jswiki — this wiki indexes libraries and resources available for JavaScript.
  4. JavaScript refresh.
  5. Detecting touch: it's the ‘why', not the ‘how'.
  6. Ambient Light Events and JavaScript detection.
  7. Horwheel Component — horizontal scrolling with your mouse wheel.
  8. Resemble.js : Image analysis and comparison.
  9. 8 jQuery form label (html5 placeholder) plug-ins.
  10. betterToggle — sleek CSS3 toggling of Elements.
  11. Sieve jQuery plug-in — allows you to quickly add an interactive search filter to any block of content.
  12. 11 Awesome “jQuery Site Tour Plugins” For Guiding Users With Style.
  13. A collection of resources that help you learn Angular.js.
  14. Karma — spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.
  15. Support by the SourceMaps libraries.
  16. Dmitry Baranovskiy on breaking web boundaries.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. 25 Best HTML5 Games for Fun.
  2. The different display of the PNG image in Chrome & Firefox unlike Safari and IE.
  3. Building New Experiences with Google Glass by Timothy Jordan.
  4. Coding Horror - Why Ruby?
  5. Interesting stories by Chromium developers.
  6. Glass Collective - funding innovation through Glass.
  7. 5 Places Google Glass has already been banned.
  8. Google Gla$$ parade.
  9. Funny episodes by Google Street View.
  10. Plenoptic Video Geometry.
  11. Google says it's time to take action against patent trolls and patent privateering.
  12. Old PC Graphics compared to modern SoC's.
  13. Sapphire Screen vs. Gorilla Glass: Scratch Test (Video).
  14. Boston Dynamics' Petman Robot plays dress Up.
  15. NASA's plan to bag an asteroid wins place in Obama's budget.
  16. When sport balls are replaced with cats.

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