Apple’s Victory, SkyDrive for Andorid, Office Web Apps, and Much More

August 31, 2012

The world is changing rapidly. Especially the IT world! Stay informed with the help of our weekly digests. The current one is dated August 31st, 2012.


  1. Yandex joined W3 Consortium. The Russian Search Engine's Representative is Charles McCathieNevile.
  2. Windows Phone Market Share and BlackBerry OS Are Almost Equal in the U.S. According to analysts, Windows Phone will overtake BlackBerry in November 2012. It will happen just two years after the launch on the U.S. market.
  3. Apple Has Won a Victory in a Lawsuit against Samsung. The final verdict in a trial of Apple against Samsung.
  4. Facebook Servers are Operating with 500 Terabytes of Data Daily. According to the received data, the system handles 2.5 million units of various content daily – over 500 terabytes of data. The "Like" is exposed 2.7 billion times daily. In addition, the social network is loaded with 300 million of new photos every day.
  5. Google Added the Ability to Use Search Settings for Different Devices. Google continues to make improvements to its services. One of the latest improvements is the ability to save your search.
  6. SkyDrive Is Available for Android. The application is available in Google Play. Functions are the same as in applications for iOS and Windows Phone.
  7. The Office Web Apps Support Touch Controls. Optimization for touch control is the primary innovation of Microsoft Office 2013. These enhancements are fully reflected in the interface and online services of Office Web Apps and Office 365.


  1. Release of Firefox 15. A description of the changes and innovations as well as news about less memory consumption of the updated browser version.
  2. Fresh Look at Firefox 15. The leaks of memory have been totally removed.
  3. Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) vs. Firefox 15, 14 vs. Google Chrome 23 vs. Opera 12.5. An interesting comparison.
  4. Mockups of the Upcoming Firefox for Windows 8. Although Firefox for Windows 8 is not yet ready, Mozilla has already the full idea of how it should look in a touch-screen Windows 8 style.
  5. Funny Pony-browsers from Paul Irish. 

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. – beautiful design for the front end conference.
  2. – a brilliant horizontal website.
  3. – an illustrated poster with parallaxes.
  4. – an interesting approach to portfolio creation.
  5. – an unusual portfolio.
  6. – a portfolio with interesting navigation and nice animation.
  7. – great animation plus adaptive design.
  8. – a site designed for wide screens, with elements of adaptability and unobtrusive animation.
  9. – parallax-effects, cool guidance effects and smooth animation.
  10. – an excellent presentation of information about actors: custom sliders, one-page, sophisticated data loading, easy navigation, interesting use of parallax.

Design It:

  1. Best Web Design Studios and Their Creative Websites.
  2. 10 Responsive Navigation Solutions and Tutorials.
  3. Working Environment Optimization in Fireworks.
  4. Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design.
  5. Evolution Of Facebook Profile Views.
  6. Rich and Shiny Header in Photoshop.
  7. Create Engaging User Web Design. A list of tips on how to create user friendly design.
  8. 11 Principles of Good Design by Wells Riley and his interview.
  9. UX Design. How does the process really look like?
  10. A Collection of Sites with Active Use of Background Textures.
  11. 30 Examples of Colorful Web Design.
  12. 46 Fabulous iOS Icon Designs. Super photo-realistic icons for iOS.
  13. “NYC T” Drops the “AXI”. Micro logo redesign for taxi in New York.
  14. 35 Logos Inspired by Nature. Logos involving pieces of nature.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Free Grunge Paper Textures. Several paper textures in grunge style.
  2. Free High Quality Bokeh Photoshop Brushes. Tools are ready to help you in implementation of “bokeh” effect. They are available for tweet.
  3. Top Places to Find Free Photoshop UI Kits Online. The best sites with the source UI Kits.
  4. 10 Fantastic Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Photo Manipulation. Sets of brushes to create photorealistic effects in Photoshop.
  5. Professional E-Commerce Icons Set.
  6. User Icon Set. Icons with special versions for Windows, iOS, Android, are available for website subscribers.
  7. Photoshop Web Badge With PSD File.
  8. Dark UI Music Player Design PSD. Source of UI music player in dark colors.
  9. 13-inch Apple MacBook Air (PSD) suggested for a registration on the portal
  10. Sans Serif Font with Cyrillic Casper.
  11. Decorative Font Znikomit № 25.


  1. Parallax Background Builder
  2. cssfontstack 


  1. Doodle Jump Game using HTML5.
  2. BananaBread — 3D shooter on JS and WebGL.
  3. Generative Machines — a generator of 3D machines from Google Data Arts Team.
  4. HTML5 Video with Alpha Transparency. 


  1. Optimizing Graphics for Retina Display.
  2. On the portal appeared a video tutorial about how to use symbols in Adobe Edge.
  3. HTML5 ★ Boilerplate 4.0.
  4. Dive into an Adaptive Front-end Development with Foundation.
  5. Great Collection of Solutions for Parallax.
  6. LiveEdit — Instant HTML/CSS Editing Preview Plugin for PhpStorm.
  7. Webcam Video Capture in HTML5 and CSS3 filters.
  8. Responsive HTML5 video.
  9. Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields with jQuery and CSS3.
  10. Game Engines and Frameworks for HTML5.
  11. Responsive Web Design for Placement of Significant Elements in the Visible Part of the Browser from Chris Coyier.


  1. The Last W3C Drafts on Native Adaptive Images in HTML.
  2. Advanced Implementation of Text-Shadow.
  3. New Repeating Background Image Options in CSS3.
  4. A Guide to CSS Formatting.
  5. How to Create an Interactive Graph Using CSS3 and jQuery.
  6. A Swinging Cat Photo for Beginners in Learning CSS3 Animation.
  7. A choice: demo to the article with JS-polyfills and :: nth-everything from Chris Coyier.
  8. A list of radio buttons placed vertically and horizontally, with a spectacular switch! 


  1. Gridster Is a jQuery Plugin That Allows Building Intuitive Draggable Layouts From Elements Spanning Multiple.
  2. 6 Nice jQuery File Upload Plugins.
  3. oriDomi – fold the DOM as a sheet of paper.
  4. jquery.simpleWeather – create a widget for the weather with jQuery.
  5. jq-idealforms – a plugin to create perfect forms.
  6. Responsive Carousel Project: Now Open Source.
  7. 5 jQuery Scrollbar for Mobile Devices.
  8. New Concept for Lightboxes. Now with jQuery!
  9. Piecon – a radial diagram with percentage instead of downloading favicon!
  10. What Is the Biggest Concern of a Modern JS-developer?
  11. JavaScript: Types – about JS data types in Adobe blog.
  12. Vanilla JS – a fast, easy, cross-platform framework.
  13. SVGeezy – micro JS-plug which is detecting SVG files on page and "seeking" for their PNG counterparts for browsers without SVG.


  1.  Android Phones Will Be the Basis of Two NASA Satellites. NASA is making an entertaining experiment.
  2. Welcome to the World of Resolutions and Screens or How Devices Are Used by Consumers.
  3. Mars has heard the first song from the Earth. “Curiosity” transmitted the first song.
  4. Windows 8 Sends to Microsoft Information about Every Program You Install. Hidden feature Windows SmartScreen, which is integrated in the operating system Windows 8 sends information about all user-defined programs to the server of Microsoft.
  5. A Study: The number of Android and iOS users is 10 times bigger than the number of PCs in the mid 80s.
  6. The Best of All Worlds: New Social Network for the VIP Crowd.
  7. Samsung Will Launch Two Devices with Transparent Screens in September. 

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. Waiting Game” for Professionals.
    2. What the #$%@ Is UX Design?
  1. Coding FM. Do you know what the coding sounds like?

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