Microsoft Works on Windows 9, Google+ with New URLs, Facebook and its 235 Million of Gamers and Much More

August 17, 2012

Here are the latest news on everything you might be interested in IT. The best designers and developers prepared a weekly digest from August 17, 2012. Enjoy!


  1. RIP Adobe Flash for Android. Flash for Android will be no longer provided through the Google Play store. And as Flash can't be downloaded, all the Android devices that currently don't include Flash won't have an opportunity to get it.
  2. A Half of the Tested Online Stores on Magento Platform Incur a Critical Vulnerability. The problem is said to be very serious due to the popularity of Magento, which is used by more than 100 thousands of online stores.
  3. jQuery Now Runs on Every Second Website. Modern websites are in a strong need for appropriate tools that can provide interactivity in the most effective way. Due to this need developers from all over the world are implementing jQuery.
  4. Gmail Is the Top Leader Among World's Mailing Services. Right now it's the most widely used mailing service.
  5. Have you ever been dreaming of learning some computer science? Now you are able to! Apply to Khan Computer Academy.
  6. Google Will Demote the Positions of Sites With Pirate Content in the Search Results. Google has updated its search algorithms, which will raise the sites that do not violate the copyright and contain licensed music, movies or other content. At the same time, sites with pirated content, in particular, torrent trackers will be displayed at the bottom of the search list.
  7. Microsoft Is Already Working on Windows 9, its Code-name Is Blue. Work on Windows 8 has reached the final stage, and it is ready for the full launch on October 26. But the software giant has already started the work on the next version – Windows 9.
  8. Google+ Provides User-friendly URL's for Some Companies. Right now a few major Google+ pages as Toyota and Britney Spears got their own names in the URL.
  9. Google Has Updated the Function of Multiple Login to Accounts. The updated feature of login to an account on Gmail mail service simplifies the process, which significantly reduces the time needed to switch between accounts.
  10. Google Bought Frommer's Travel Guides. Google will integrate reviews of hotels and places from Frommer's. It will be the same when they used the Zagat restaurant reviews in the search and maps previously.
  11. Kim Dotcom Will Launch His Music Service Megabox This Year. The new music service will allow performers to get 90% of revenue from the each sold song.
  12. Akamai: Global Peak Speed of the Internet Access Increased by 25% This Year. A recent survey research from Akamai company demonstrated a good trend of growth rate of the Internet access in the global market.
  13. Facebook's Gamers Audience Is 235 Million of Users Monthly. Incredible figures on the number of gamers in Facebook. The tendency is a bit scary. Who will work, when everybody plays?


  1. Chrome is not the only one. Few Alternative Browsers on the WebKit's Base.

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. — nice thematic site.
  2. — a vertical and responsible site.
  3. — a site with parallax effects and a surprise in the footer.
  4. — a stylish site-gallery with an adaptive design.
  5. — a site with minimalistic design and portfolio-slider with some adaptations.

Design It:

  1. Brand Identity for BEM
  2. Design Tip: Never Use Black
  3. BrandColors
  4. Designing for Device Orientation: from Portrait to Landscape
  5. Visual Content as the "Fuel" for Interest to Brands in Social Networks
  6. Creation of a Realistic 3D Illustration of a Calculator in Adobe Illustrator
  7. Amazing infographics for those who started to work with adaptive design
  8. What is the secret of successful landing pages?
  9. 50 logos inspired by trees and a bit less inspired by funny characters

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Stones Structures
  2. Citizen Slab — a vintage serif-font from Joel Felix.
  3. Sreda — a serif font from Fontfabric.
  4. Fine UI Kit — minimalistic kit in the light colors.
  5. A bunch of nautical theme vector elements.
  6. A package of Photoshop brushes that will help to create lighting effects.
  7. 25 textures – from paper to wood, walls and floor.
  8. A short list of iconic web fonts with some descriptions.
  9. A set of icons from the world of social media.


  1. HubSearch — search through GitHub repositories.


  1. Dynamic Animation. It is being built according to specified drawing parameters.
  2. Camera Sync with CSS3 and WebGL.


  1. Lessons on Creating Themes for WordPress. A tutorial for everybody who wants to learn how to create WordPress themes.
  2. Web Icons & the iPad Retina Displays. A quick tutorial explaining an approach to creating resolution-independent scalable images that will look great on any screen at any resolution.
  3. Using ARIA in HTML5.
  4. Chris Coyier: Responsive Sprites And Media Query Efficiency.
  5. The Great HTML5 Mobile Gaming Performance Comparison. The list of frequently asked questions and solutions on the most common problems in HTML5.
  6. 12 Interesting Features of WebKit Inspector for Developers.
  7. — opposition to the W3Schools site.
  8. — a tool for creating a wedding-site on WordPress.
  9. A Promotional Poster of HTML5 or 29 Reasons Why HTML5 Will Change Websites for the Better.


  1. Metro UI CSS. It is a framework for creating websites in the style of Windows 8.
  2. CSS Style Guides. Useful pattern libraries.
  3. createcss3 — an online properties-generator.
  4. W3C Documentation for the CSS Masking. Do you know how to use an image or another graphical element as an alpha mask or a luminance? CSS Masking is described in the article.
  5. normalize.css v1.0.0 — a Modern, HTML5-ready Alternative to CSS Resets. A research on the differences between default browser styles, highlighting the styles that require normalizing.
  6. The Method of the Grids Constructing from Chris Coyer. Do you think that building grids is hard and complicated? Chris Coyer will explain you why it is not.
  7. Simple CSS-animations on the Theme of Olympic Games.
  8. Intro to CSS 3D Transforms.
  9. Setting Up Sass on Windows. A short tutorial to help Windows-based developers get up and run quickly with Sass.
  10. CSS3 3D Top Shift Menu. How to create animated 3D navigation menu (with images) with CSS3 only (JavaScript-free)? The explanation is in the article.
  11. MacBook with one Tag from Joshua Hibbert.
  12. The Evolution of Page Layouts with CSS Since 1990. If you're interested in the evolution of CSS, you should watch the following video.


  1. SEO and JavaScript: DO's and DON'Ts. You will find an interesting research on DO's and DON'Ts for the pages that utilize Javascript. They are still designed up to the SEO principles.
  2. jBar Plugin, the jQuery Call to Action Bar. jBar is a lightweight and simple jQuery call to action banner.
  3. jQuery-flex — a Grid with Animation Effects.
  4. FileDrop — Cross-browser Drag & Drop to Upload Files (IE 6 +).
  5. Smart Time Ago — displaying the time elapsed since the update, or publications in a human language.
  6. Sketch.js — a useful script for everybody who needs to add canvases for users to draw something.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Mars Rover "Curiosity": an Explanation of the 2 Megapixel Camera Choice. Some interesting details about photo equipment that is used on the “Curiosity”.
  2. Amazing Screw for Apple. Excellent article on the problem of information reliability with a really funny example.
  3. Password Security in 2012. An interesting compilation of the most widely used passwords.
  4. Power of Fonts. An interesting investigation on how font of the text affects your opinion about it.
  5. Interesting Facts about Apple. Some facts from the history of Apple that you will be amazed with.
  6. What is Internet of Things and How it Will Affect Our Lives? Can you imagine that your car or fridge will be intelligent? No? Then read the article.
  7. Well-paid, but dead. Google Will Pay Salary to Their Dead Employees. Google employees are eligible for posthumous salary: that will be paid to relatives of deceased employees of the search engine company.
  8. Entomologists Have Discovered a New Type of Lacewings via Flickr. Entomologists have discovered a new species of Malaysian lacewings Semachrysa jade, looking at pictures of amateur photographer placed in Flickr.
  9. Adidas Presented Shoes with Twitter's Support. You are on the run! Twitter is staying with you anyway.
  10. Iran Will Abandon the Internet by 2013. The people of Iran will have to abandon all of the Internet features. According to the resource Business Insider, the Iranian authorities intend to completely refuse the use of the Internet by 2013.
  11. Users can turn their computers into a typewriter with the Noisy Typer Mac application.
  12. Olympic Doodles. Small games from Google dedicated to Olympic Games.
  13. Botanicus Interacticus. An interactive plant research from Disney.

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