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Top 5 Magento development companies for NYC

top magento companies
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    Ford, Olympus, Christian Louboutin, Ahmad tea, and more than 250,000 active web stores are using Magento for their online stores. 

    This digital platform is a top choice to broaden an offline shop with an ecommerce solution or to start an online shop from scratch.


    Do you need to build an ecommerce store, update or make a new extension? We can help!

    Magento e-commerce platform is multifunctional, flexible, and feature-rich. It has:

    • Improved indexing processes. This is how Magento transforms data such as products and categories to enhance your store's performance. If you change the price of an item from $4.99 to $3.99, Magento will reindex the price change. Without this functionality, it would have to re-ca shopping cart price rules, bundle pricing, discounts, tier pricing, etc.
    • No lag in performance, even with a large number of visitors.
    • Large purchases ability. Your customer can check out with up to 300 positions.
    • Business intelligence. You can enable integration with Google Analytics.
    • Several secure payment systems, including PayPal.
    • Adaptive screen solutions for mobiles.

    Full customization of the external and internal appearance of the platform.

    For your first steps, you may find useful these tips to create a multi-vendor site.

    When businesses in New York decide to go with Magento, they often face a dilemma about which company to choose. How to find Magento developers in NYC who will help to establish a profitable, reliable e-commerce shop? We've got a checklist of things to focus on.

    How to choose the right Magento development company?

    The first thing to do is to compare several candidates.

    When looking through Magento development companies, take into account the following: 

    • Check companies' reviews on a reliable and unbiased source, such as Clutch or GoodFirms
    • Find out about a Magento development company's experience, how long they've been working in the market and their area of expertise.
    • Look at how many people work in the company. Thus, you can conclude how many clients turn to them for help.
    • Address to each Ecommerce development company and outline your project. When they contact you back, you will be able to feel the attitude of this company.
    • Ask them to prepare an estimate and set a timeline. It will also help you make the right choice.

    Out of the various options, we've also come down with a list of top Magento web development companies. These are the companies that guarantee seamless solutions and provide excellent support for growing an online store.

    Zfort Group

    Zfort is a full-service Magento website development agency. Dedicated teams specialize in building any kind of Magento website to suit any business model. It can also be a C2C marketplace, a site like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. Another popular option is B2C websites with custom design with multiple features. For wholesalers who need an online store, Zfort Group offers flexible and intelligent B2B solutions. Certified experts from Zfort can help with migration to Magento 2 or troubleshoot and fix any issues you face.


    • eCommerce Magento Development
    • Web development & design 
    • Mobile app development
    • Dedicated teams outsource
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Magento migration

    Founded: 2000

    Employees: 250 - 999

    Located: 845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, Manhattan, 10022-6630, New York, USA

    Elogic Commerce

    Elogic Commerce is a Magento development agency committed to helping ecommerce companies grow. This company is a Magento Solution Partner. Elogic delivers top-quality sites for online commerce. Experts from this Magento development agency can offer their clients either full-cycle ecommerce project development or a dedicated Magento team.


    • E-Commerce Development
    • Business Consulting

    Founded: 2009

    Employees: 50 - 249

    Located: New York, NY

    Unified Infotech

    This technology company works with global Enterprises, SME's, and forward-thinking startups as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored software, web, and mobile apps. Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, Unified Infotech helps clients to accelerate their business efficiency.


    • Web development & design 
    • Mobile app development
    • eCommerce Solutions 
    • Software and digital product consulting services
    • Dedicated hiring/staff augmentation solutions.

    Founded: 1970

    Employees: 201-500

    Located: United States, New York


    Brainvire has an expert team of web and mobile developers. Its core expertise resides in Industry 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.


    • Mobile App Development
    • E-Commerce Development
    • Web Development

    Employees: 250 - 999

    Located: 100 Duffy Avenue, Suite 510, Hicksville, New York 11801

    Founded: 2000


    This company specializes in web design, software development and integration, and Inbound marketing for established businesses and online retailers. 


    • Magento Custom Development
    • Magento Web Design
    • Dedicated Magento Developers
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Ecommerce Inbound Marketing
    • Web Design and Development for Popular Platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, Bigcommerce

    Founded: 2008

    Employees: 10 - 49

    Located: Ballston Lake, New York


    We hope you'll find the best fit for your business. If you still need help, we can discuss your project and help you develop a one-of-kind website on the Magento platform or expand the default functionality both for Magento Enterprise or Magento Community. 


    Do you need to build an ecommerce store, update or make a new extension? We can help!

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