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The Top 10 SEO Plugins

The Top 10 SEO Plugins
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    Search engine optimization is an important issue for any website owner. We are all used to using search engines to navigate the internet, but many of us give little thought to how these search results are found and delivered to us.

    Working with an SEO agency like Go Mungo SEO will give you the best results, as they can help you to identify and maintain the ideal strategy. The following SEO plugins will all help you in ensuring that your website remains near the top of the list.

    All in ONE SEO Pack

    All in ONE SEO Pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins and is installed on more than 2 million WordPress sites. It currently holds an impressive 4.4 /5-star rating from (at the time of writing) a little over 400 reviews.

    Yoast SEO

    Yoast’s brand name has become synonymous with WordPress SEO thanks to this awesome plugin. Yoast SEO not only provides all the tools needed to boost your SEO score, but it also provides analytical tools required to assess the effectiveness of your current SEO strategies, and techniques.

    The SEO Frameworks

    This is another rapidly-rising star of the SEO plugin world and is already installed on tens of thousands of websites. The SEO Framework is one of the most lightweight SEO solutions available and makes managing your SEO a breeze without draining your website’s resources.


    Much like The SEO Framework, SEOPress is another lightweight newcomer that is rapidly making its mark on the SEO landscape. One of the best features of this plugin is its interface, which is simple and easy to use.

    Rank Math

    While Rank Math is one of the newest arrivals on this list, it actually comes from an established and experienced developer who has already proven themselves with MyThemeShop. Rank Math embraces a number of features, such as built-in keyword suggestions from Google, deep and detailed SEO analysis tools for your website, and 404 monitoring to alert you to any broken links.

    SEO Squirrly

    SEO Squirrly is an SEO plugin that has been clearly designed with non-experts in mind. Different plugins sometimes take radically different approaches to achieve the same goal. SEO Squirrly couldn’t be simpler to use and its novel built-in SEO assistant feature only makes it more accessible.

    Broken Link Checker

    One of the most common issues that can reduce a website’s SEO score is ‘broken links’. If your website is filled with links to pages that no longer exist then, not only will it be awkward for your visitors to navigate, but Google will not look favourably upon you.

    All in One Schema Rich Snippets

    Rich Snippets is an SEO plugin designed to provide a brief and interactive summary of every page on a website. These snippets will provide important information such as the price of your products and services, photos of any of the products that you sell, and any ratings or reviews that you have for the products in question.

    SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    While the number of websites taking advantage of this plugin is lower than many of its competitors on this list, SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant has proven to be a popular and capable choice for website owners. In order to use SEMrush, you will need an account with SEMrush. However, creating an account with them is both free and easy.

    Google Keyword Planner

    Even though this SEO plugin is still in its beta testing stage, it has already proven to be very popular amongst WordPress-based websites. As expected from any Google product this is an SEO plugin that can be trusted to deliver the desired results.

    Winning the battle for your SEO score won't be easy. However, with these plugins to aid you, you stand the best chance of success.

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