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TOP 10 Best AI Chatbots

top AI chatbots
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    Chatbots are pretty much the future of online business. Building one is on your project list? Not sure how you should go about it? Start with a clear understanding of what a chatbot is, how it works, and run through the available options.

    Chatbot development an excellent solution for businesses to level up in the blink of an eye and get a ton of value for customers. Chatbots ensure smart, personalized engagement where messages, operations, and human support can be combined in one experience. 

    A better experience - more revenue later on. Add here a dramatic decrease in human resources cost optimization, which inevitably implies cost optimization. 

    Properly set up, interactive chatbots quickly and efficiently cope with basic tasks. They can:

    • Smoothly perform frontline support tasks on websites, apps, or social media platforms. 
    • If needed, escalate the request to your human support team. 
    • Broadcast your offers or marketing messages to reach high metrics.
    •  Identify potential customers, initiate their interest in products.

    Over the past couple of years, сhatbots have become remarkably sophisticated negotiators. And these are no mere assertions. As we move, here are some ambitious chatbot usage stats to keep in the back of your mind:

    • Chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%.
    • 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents by 2021.
    • 50% of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps. 

    These data prove that chatbot usage is on the rise. Want to know more about chatbot development and picking the one amid the best AI chatbots for your business? Let's dive right in!

    What is an AI Chatbot?

    A chatbot is a piece of software that realistically simulates real-life human conversations, either via audio or text input. 

    As AI in Business becomes widely adopted, most of today's chatbots have artificial intelligence at their heart as well.

    What differentiates artificial intelligence chatbots from regular chatbots? They can "learn" things about users by tracking patterns in data. 


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

    These chatbots can then apply the pattern to similar problems or questions. This ability gives them the "intelligence" to accomplish tasks, solve problems, manage information without, and even figure out human intents.

    That is why chatbots are soaring in popularity across many industries, such as retail, e-commerce, finance, banking, IT, and even healthcare.
    How do chatbots work?

    And how do they actually know what to answer? Well, there are several ways chatbots operate. 

    Pattern-matching bots classify text and produce a response based on the keywords they recognize. Such a chatbot only knows answers to questions that exist in their models and cannot go beyond them.

    Another type of chatbot uses algorithms. To answer a question, a chatbot searches for a unique pattern in its database where a combination of patterns creates a hierarchical structure. 

    The smartest chatbots use neural networks. They calculate their response using weighted connections and context in data. As time goes on, the neural network grows stronger and more advanced, helping the bot to create an accurate set of responses. This logic is applied in the best AI chatbots.

    Artificial intelligence chatbots are ever-evolving in their sophistication. Their potential to develop and streamline business processes is limitless.

    10 Best AI chatbots

    To build your bot, the first thing to do is a clear assessment of what your business lacks right now, what problem you are going to solve with your bot.

    Apart from setting the requirements, you will need to choose which platform for your bot to live on (like Facebook, Facebook touch, Telegram, What's up, Slack, etc.) and set up a server to run your artificial intelligence chatbot. 

    And of course, choosing a bot builder that fits your requirements is crucial. To ease the task, let's take a closer look at 10 of the best ai chatbots.

    #1 Glassix


    Glassix, considered by many across the globe as the best AI chatbot solution combine its native Conversational AI algorithms with the latest GPT-4 engine allowing businesses to easily create generative AI chatbots that are smart, adaptive, and empathetic.

    ⦁    Omnichannel AI chatbot creation and deployment
    ⦁    Easy to use, drag-and-drop chatbot visual builder
    ⦁    Seamless handoff from human to bot and from bot to human 

    Starting at only $49 per user per month, Glassix has one of the industry’s most economic pricing models and that’s probably the reason it is considered as the top choice for small businesses and startups across the globe.

    #2 Aivo

    chatbot aivo

    Artificial intelligence chatbot Aivo is the most famous one. Many customers consider it the first on the list of best AI chatbots ever. Aivo takes the customer relationship to another level and helps in more deep conversation and limited resources.


    • Process/Workflow Automation
    • Third-Party Integration (including Salesforce and Zendesk).
    • Personalization and video content


    Starts at $240 per month for 1,000 monthly sessions. Extra sessions cost $26 per 100. 

    #3 Hellotars

    chatbot hellotars

    It is one of the best AI chatbots for lead generation.


    • Simple setup
    • Various templates 
    • Easy-to-use drag and drop chatbot builder


    Professional plan costs $99/month (5 chatbots, 100 chats/month;

    Business: $499/month (10 chatbots, 5000 chats/month); Custom: Get in touch for a quote (20+ chatbots, 50,000+ chats/month)

    #4 Itsalive

    chatbot itsalive

    Amidst the best AI chatbots, Itsalive is far from last in creating, publishing, and managing Facebook messenger chatbot.


    • Tailor-made developments
    • Optimization and creative design
    • Easy to use for not tech people


    1,000 messages per month - free. Pro Plan is $99/month

    #5 Bold360

    chatbot bold360

    Bold360 is one of the best AI chatbots, user-friendly, and easy to use.


    • Conversational AI that interprets complex language and remembers the conversation context 
    • Truly natural responses
    • Functionality to buy products through the chatbot


    Various plans need to get a quote Get in touch for a quote

    #6 Botsify

    chatbot botsify

    This is an AI Chatbot which helps to organize intelligent chatbots on popular messaging sites.


    • Customers data storage
    • CTA media blocks
    • Personalized greeting page messaging
    • Chat story tree


    Pro Plan costs $50 per month

    #7 Pandorabots

    chatbot pandorabots

    Pandorabots is one of the oldest turnkey chatbot development platforms if you want to use only the best AI chatbots.


    • It can be built and deployed on the web, mobile, home hubs, and popular messaging platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Line, and Slack.
    • Sophisticated conversations ensued by artificial Intelligence Markup Language


    Allows up to 1,000 messages/month and two bots, the developer plan cost is $0.0025/message.


    chatbot respond io

    This platform is often used for following up with inbound leads and outbound demand gen campaigns.


    • Omni-channel chat history.
    • Contact & segment manager.
    • Tagging & custom fields.
    • Real-time analytics dashboard.
    • Outbound demand gen campaigns.


    Starter: Free (100 contacts); Pro: $29/month, business: $79/month, higher plans should be specified

    #9 Imperson

    chatbot imperson

    This AI chatbot platform automates personal email outreach tagret, calls, and tasks.


    • Text, audio, video, AR, and VR on all major messaging platforms
    • Advanced analytics dashboard including real-time insights
    • Natural language tailored to each brand's authentic voice


    Not stated

    #10 Tidio

    chatbot tidio

     It is a communicator for businesses engaging visitors in real-time.


    • Compatible many third-party apps
    • Email and Messenger communication in one panel
    • Ability to track how clients move through your website and interact before they even start typing


    All three plans (even the free one) allow for three users, the Communicator plan (which costs $15/month) will let you add additional users for $10.

    How Can You Make an AI Chatbot?

    These platforms are available with many templates, tools, conversation flow builders, etc. However, the contextual conversation remains a challenge using the chatbot development tools these platforms offer. You can only create a chatbot with some simple logic. 

    Even the best AI chatbots platforms often require a lot of time and effort to build a chatbot. Still, there is no guarantee it will perform well. Apparently, such off-the-shelf chatbot solutions lack customization and flexibility. 

    Whereas building a custom chatbot is a proven way to increase business efficiency. An AI Development Company will act as your chatbot development partner and offer technical assistance at every stage of the project.

    Your dedicated development team will provide your bot with rich user experience and help you find the right solution for your business needs.


    We Provide AI-Powered Solutions from Concept to Launch.

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