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“Thanks for Calling. How Can We Scare You?” –Tips on Implementing Halloween into Marketing Strategy.

“Thanks for Calling. How Can We Scare You?” –Tips on Implementing Halloween into Marketing Strategy.


When it comes to promoting your product, sales people or marketing managers catch any opportunity to engage clients, so holiday greetings for your customers can help in increasing the awareness of your brand by quick and simple tips. Especially Halloween can boost the creativity of your company on a high level, where you can liberate your imagination in order to surprise the client. Thereby, your client will be engaged and acquainted about your product in informal, more friendly and funny way.

Here are some great tips to “scare” your customer during Halloween:

Tell Your Customer a Horror Story About Your Product or Services.

It doesn't matter how, by posting a blog article in social media or sending an email, you can create a special Halloween horror story about your product. Tell about a post-project ‘zombie apocalypse' in your developers' department, or the ‘Witches' Sabbath' in your client-relation team. Or, good idea to share a horror story about the client who avoids purchasing your product.

Engage With Customers but Keep Your Halloween Mood On.

“Thank you for calling and Happy Halloween. How can we scare you?” – Wear the ‘Halloween mask' and keep it all the holiday. By engaging with the client put ‘scary' words instead of normal. Suggest a ‘monster' mockup, or ‘terrifying' data analysis. While calling customers or replying to their calls, wish them Happy Halloween and scare them with the new ‘horrific' discount available only today!

Create Halloween Greetings!

It's simple, but always works! You can share the whole range of your services in one small video, or photo. Let your team use their creativity to represent what you have in funny, casual, and a bit scary way.

What Your Company Can Suggest for Halloween.

Describe how your services or products can be applied to Halloween. If your company is a web studio, how web design can create a scary mood for the client's product or 3D graphics recreate a horror room.

Share How Your Company Celebrates It.

Again simple, again works! Your company should evoke positive feeling and trust. So if your employees are happy, you customer will be happy too. Represent your company in the most creative approach possible. Let the client appreciate your team building practices and team spirit in a bit scary but a horrific way.
Use this outrageous holiday to engage your clients, remind about yourself, and share with your services. Surprise your customers and they will highlight your company for future endeavors.

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