The Curious Case of Zfort Group or Why We Call Zfort Group as «Zfort Group»

  • April 14, 2015
The Curious Case of Zfort Group or Why We Call Zfort Group as «Zfort Group»

“Fort” originates from the Latin word “fortis” and is interpreted as “strong and solid”. In tough times our company has overcome and sustained challenges as well as has been expanding gradually the team and the sales.

Prefix “Z” means z, the third dimension, depth according to the XYZ coordinate system. In early years the majority of our employees specialized mostly in web-design, animation and 3D-graphics. Later we have changed the direction though the philosophy of the third dimension has remained: we manage all our projects form the very beginning to the very end as well as we feel our responsibility for the project itself, take the initiative, apply a systematic approach and think “in depth”. We want to be beneficial to our clients and their partners and to satisfy them at all the levels of our cooperation.

“Group” means that we are a friendly team where the work of each and every employee is valuable and contributes to the success of the whole company.

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