The Brand New WordPress

The Brand New WordPress


As we know 25% of websites worldwide run on WordPress. Started as a blog platform it has become so popular, that is used even for commerce solutions. But in the couple past years it got powerful competitors, such as Medium and Ghost.

On November 22-nd, after more than 20 months of development, Automattic presented Calypso. The new engine is saying good buy to PHP and MySQL.

Key features of Calypso:

  • Under The Hood. Javascript and Rest API are the new bosses. No PHP or MySQL inside.
  • Multi-Site Support. Now there is the only console which let you manage all and Jetpack-Enabled websites.
  • Responsive. You can manage websites on the go. Create posts, edit and get statistics on a mobile device.
  • Social Integration. Create and schedule Facebook and Twitter posts right from the console.
  • Real Time. Notifications and comments are kept together at the right part of a screen. So you can it faster without leaving a page or refreshing it.

Future of WordPress for this time is not defined. WordPress community will choose whether to make this huge step or not. But looking on the competitors, the real question is “when”.