Zfort's PM Passed the Scaled Professional Scrum Certification

  • December 26, 2017
Zfort's PM Passed the Scaled Professional Scrum Certification


Z-team continues conquering the peaks! Last week our Project Manager achieved the Scaled Professional Scrum certificate - the only assessment of experience in scaling Scrum and agility.

The ‘Scaled Professional Scrum' framework provides information to companies trying to scale their product development done through Scrum. The heart of the SPS framework is Nexus, an ‘exo-skeleton' for Scrum. Using the Scrum process, Nexus inter-connects multiple Scrum teams which build one product.

SPS certification demonstrates whether a person understands the main principles of managing scaled software. An examinee should perfectly know the Scrum Guide and the Nexus Guide, as well as apply his/her own experience. 60 minutes, 40 questions, and only 1 attempt - the assessment is not that easy, but Mykola Smirnov has successfully passed it.

We congratulate Mykola and look forward to the new achievements of our team in the upcoming 2018! Stay in touch with us.



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