Public Seminar «Website How To...» at Zfort Group’s Office

  • July 26, 2011

Dear friends!

Zfort Group's office regularly hosts seminars and trainings. On July 28, at 17:30 an interesting speaker, graphic designer, interface designer and a good man, Sergei Ilyin will be our guest.

We invite everyone to visit us for listening to a great speaker who can teach many interesting things.

To introduce himself, he said the following: "Hi. My name is Sergey, I'm a graphic designer, I have 8.5 years of experience in IT, the last 5 years I was working in one of the companies in Kharkov.”

Due to the fact that the company develops applications for web, desktop and mobile platforms, my main experience is in this area. As a leading designer of the company, I get in touch with customers, lead their projects at the stage of development and train new employees. "

To attend the workshop, you should write a letter to this address or call 068 602 26 37. In the application you must specify the number of people who will come with you, so we could prepare some tea, coffee and buns for everybody.

The program of seminar:

1. How to make a website.

    • Personal information, experience, etc.
    • What are the frequent and rare tasks?
    • Interesting and typical: how to make typical to become interesting.
    • What if the customer is "complicated" or he does not understand what he wants?
  • The search on the basic idea of the site.

2. Receiving the task.

  • Identification of major tasks: why does the customer really need a site?
  • Things that come up later.
  • Things that come up later, but which can never be forgotten.
  • Additional details (fonts, who will buy / create graphics, etc.).

3. Organization of information.

  • Processing of information received (why we should think, but not sketch).
  • Types of sites.
  • Informational cascade.
  • Providing more information.
  • What to do if there is a lack of information?

4. Development of a website.

  • Development of a structural model.
  • Creation of mock-up: mesh, cascade, unique and universal modules.
  • Sparkles and usual stuff.
  • Getting inspired.
  • Creation of templates and instructions for illustrator / photographer.
  • Drawing.

5. "Sale" a mock-up to the customer.

  • Submission of information.
  • Smoothing sharp edges.
  • How to find balance between main-stream and conservatism.
  • A list of improvements.

6. Finishing and publishing.

Table of contents

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