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What is Proof of Concept in Software Development?

What is Proof of Concept in Software Development?
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    Proof of concept is a crucial step when it comes to complex and, thus, expensive projects. It gives a clear picture, whether the idea is a feasible one and how it can be done. 

    In a nutshell proof of concept implies a certain list of measurable criteria that allows evaluating the results a proof of concept presents. 


    If you have an idea, but you don't know if its possible, contact us, we'll help!

    When developing a product for an existing enterprise or enhancing it, there are more chances of facing unpredictable difficulties. That’s why proof of concept in software development is a common practice.

    Proof of concept in software development is not precisely what a typical proof of concept is. The thing is that they serve different purposes. Typically one goes for a proof of concept to show that an idea has some potential and is in demand. Proof of concept in software development is needed to resolve technical issues, find a particular answer to a question, or test new features.

    POC vs POC in Software Development vs MVP

    People often confuse proof of concept, proof of concept in software development, and MVP. To make things clear once and for all, let’s see what’s what. 


    Proof of concept is explicit reasoning why an idea worthy of doing and how it can make it to the market. Proof of concept can be about a new feature of an existing company product, variety extension, or a brand new start-up product. And this is probably where all the controversies stem from, since start-ups are almost always associated with software development, which is not always the case. What is proof of concept is rather a broad notion. 


    Unlike proof of concept, MVP is a product ready for market release. It entails a fundamental functionality, sometimes represented even by one core feature. It helps collect first feedback from real clients and use it later to deliver a full-fledged product. What is MVP is more about testing waters. 

    Proof Of Concept in Software Development 

    Proof of concept in software development is actually a confirmation that some technical challenges can be resolved and in what way. For instance, how a particular integration can be achieved. 

    The goal is to understand if your software development idea can be performed and which technologies can help you do that most effectively.

    Core benefits of proof of concept in software development include:

    1. It can help save time and money by concluding which concepts are not working. 
    2. You can gain a competitive advantage since proof of concept gives more guarantees that the idea can be put into life.
    3. Proof of concept allows you to choose the right technology from the very beginning. 

    Proof of Concept for Software Development: Example 

    Imagine your company has an item of expenditure that can be reduced by introducing new technology. Everyone knows that cutting expenses is a good motive, yet, there is a question if software development can solve it. And this is where proof of concept in software development makes sense. 

    Or another instance: you work at an insurance company, and it would be beneficial to save time and effort spent on every car insurance case examination. One can integrate a PO powered by Artificial Intelligence to implement this optimization. Proof of concept in software development can project and plan this. 

    If the proof of concept shows that the idea is doable, one can proceed with a prototype, then MVP, or even start developing a comprehensive product. 


    Zfort has been a software development leader for decades now and can consult for proof of concept or produce one. We can develop a proof of concept for a number of domains, such as fintech, insurtech, logistics, Internet of Things, healthcare, etc. 

    We have expertise from PHP, node.js (JavaScript / TypeScript), Python, React Native to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, and Blockchain. 

    If you have any questions on the matter, we are happy to chat. 


    If you have an idea, but you don't know if its possible, contact us, we'll help!

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