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Programmer’s Day in the Zfort Universe

Programmer’s Day in the Zfort Universe
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    On September, 13 Zfort Group together with the whole IT-world celebrated the Programmer's Day. This year we decided to make something special and invited all the Zforters to take part in two different quests. The first one was a Caribbean game called the “Captain Flint's Will” and the other one was an aristocratic “Hotel in Mountains”. All the participants were playing their unique roles wearing thematic costumes. A lot of puzzles were solved and every secret was revealed.

    After the quests everyone had a so called “stomach's party”. There were a lot of barbeque, sausages, and fried potato. None of the Zfortrs left the party in bad mood or hungry.

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    Roman Korzh

    VP of Development

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    Anna Slipets

    Business Development Manger

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