Programmer’s Day at Zfort Group

On the 256th day of the year all the IT community celebrated Programmer's Day. This year it was celebrated on September the 12th.


Happy Programmer's Day!


Zfort Group is proud of its skilled, talented, high-end programmers. And we prepared a special event for our developers on their professional holiday.

All employees of our company had a chance to spend a cozy holiday's evening with their colleagues watching a favorite movie. Together we've chosen a film to watch, that was a classic movie of the IT community – “The Matrix”. The fun was supplemented with popcorn and Coca-Cola.


Zfort Group Celebrating Programmers' Day (2012)


Having a chance, we want to congratulate all the creators of code one more time:

You are the reason of the positive changes in the world, you present people new opportunities every day. Your work creates products that save lives in hospitals, allow flying, save time, help people to become closer or just have some fun, and this is a continuing list.


Zfort Group Celebrating Programmers' Day (2012)


With many thanks and wishes of interesting projects and luck in every beginning,

Your Zfort Group.