New Zfort trip to New York

New York, Times Square, Central Park, Brookline bridge, New Jersey – no, this is not a game “Guess what I am thinking about” – this is how our Zforters visited our business partner in New York.

- Guys, I congratulate you with an awesome and fruitful business trip. Tell us about your adventures and impressions about it.
Julie: Awesome! It was first time when Eugene and me were in such a business trip, so we are overwhelmed with emotions.
Roman: We even had a quick drive in a limousine. In fact, it was an MKT Sedan but we called it a “limousine”. The thing is that Julie supervised the project. There was an opportunity to order a car, so to say, “black car service” so why not.
- How were you met by your business partner? Describe please the team which we know only via Skype.
Eugene: Great people! As Julie has already said, that was our first trip that is why we received a lot of impressions. It is really cool to see those people who we have been working with for a long time. I would say that it was an amazing team-building.
Yuriy: They are very friendly and easy-going. We discussed a lot of formal and informal issues. Moreover it is much more pleasant to discuss informal issues in informal atmosphere.
- Cool! That's great to hear that we have such a business partner. Where else have you been in New York?
Julie: We were on Times Square and had a quick walk in the Central Park.
Roman: We tried Greek, Korean, Spanish and Italian cuisine. As for Yuriy and Eugene, they kept on meeting the dawn every single day that we were in States. Romantic people ☺
Yuriy: In fact, we suggested to everyone to go with us but our “red cheek princesses” preferred to sleep.
- Tell me please in more detail how you were meeting the dawn.
Yuriy: Actually we saw only three dawns in three different places. On the first day we went to the top floor of the Empire State Building. That was awesome. However, next day everything was more extreme.
Eugene: Truth! We decided to observe the dawn from the Brookline Bridge. In the end, we somehow appeared on the Manhattan Bridge. Anyway, we found the Brookline Bridge but Yuriy was told-off by the policeman because he climbed a lantern to make a better photo.
Yuriy: (laughing) Later we joked about this like «Serious international businessmen committed a serious international crime» ☺.

- I see you had some adventures during the trip. So, what about your third meeting the rising sun?
Eugene: We went to the neighbor state, which is New Jersey, got on a ferry and… I've never seen anything more beautiful.
Yuriy: Yes, and the photos are gorgeous! ☺
- Guys, tell us, please, a few words about Halloween.
Julie: For the Halloween they decorate shops, restaurants and houses as well as put on different scary costumes. Roma and me went to Sephora where we saw a shop-assistant who has a make-up as if her skin had been rotting.
Roman: Well, that was really unpleasant and I thought at first that she really had a skin-disease.

- How did you celebrate Halloween with your business partner?
Yuriy: The CEO of the company ordered the tastiest pizza we had ever tried, after which we went to the hotel lobby and the party began.
Eugene: There was an open bar where we could take beverages for free. It was a kind of local All Inclusive ☺
Julie: Everyone was wearing a costume. I felt as if I were in a Freak Theatre Party.
Roman: By the way, July had large contact lenses and that was amazing!
- Did all the rest of you wear costumes?
Yuriy: I didn't that's why I was trying and making photos in a lot of different hats which I was taking off from other guests.
Eugene: At first I planned to be Jesse Pickman but I changed my mind in the end. I didn't wear a costume but during the party one generous priest lent me his red cassock.
- Wonderful! Thanks a lot, guys, for your time. Do you plan to go to the United States again?
Everyone: Absolutely!