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Top 10 Best Logistics Software 2019

Top 10 Best Logistics Software 2019
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    From shipping logistics and tracking management software to warehouse management tools and optimization algorithms that are designed to save you money, there’s no shortage of use cases for logistics management software.

    Are you in search of a perfect logistics software solution for your company? You’ve come to the right place as we enjoy designing and developing custom software solutions for companies with specific requirements. Well, just like yours. We can dive deep into your business processes to discover the ways and potential to take your company to the next level of efficiency and profit. Just talk to our logistics software expert!

    In fact, shipping and logistics management software can often pay for itself by driving efficiencies and helping to cut costs to such an extent that they deliver a positive ROI. At the same time, cargo logistics management software is increasingly relying on new technologies like blockchain to give them a more modern flair.

    Blockchain has huge potential when it comes to the logistics industry because it essentially provides us with a way to create an incorruptible digital ledger. This provides additional security to logistics companies and helps to ensure that all data is correct and up-to-date, with no shipment unaccounted for. It’s already being built into the majority of new systems and so don’t be surprised if you hear more about blockchain use in logistics software throughout 2019 and beyond, even if it’s just underneath the hood.

    And so with all of this in mind, let’s dive on in and take a look at ten of the best pieces of logistics software on the market.

    10 Best Logistics Software in 2019

    1. Tailwind TMS Software


    Tailwind TMS Software provides a web-based interface that’s designed to help trucking and freight companies to improve their cash flow and their profits by driving efficiencies and cutting down on waste. With no set-up fees and no contracts, as well as a free trial to make sure that the software works well for you, there’s a lot to like about Tailwind and not much to dislike.

    Even if you do decide to stick with them and to take out a paid plan, their rates are reasonably affordable and you can pay for the software as you go. Better still, their software works for companies of all sizes, although it’s particularly well-suited for small and medium-sized trucking and freight companies.

    2. FreightPOP


    FreightPOP is almost like a hybrid price comparison site, with specific functionality that’s aimed at helping you to get the best rates from suppliers and brokers. It allows you to integrate it with existing rates that you’ve already negotiated, but it’ll also give you access to an international marketplace where you can shop around for discounts and low rates.

    The goal is to provide a centralized system where users can log in with a single username and password and manage all of their shipping and logistics needs from a single place. Easy to set up and to integrate within your workflow, it offers a range of integrations with third-party software and ultimately takes your logistics process and simplifies it from end to end.

    3. Phalanx


    Phalanx serves customers of all sizes, from small independent outfits to huge chains like Barnes and Noble. Founded in 2003, they’ve gone from strength to strength over the last fifteen years or so, and their comprehensive software covers everything from fleet and inventory management to route planning features and more.

    One of the pros of going with Phalanx is that they offer 24/7 customer service, which doesn’t necessarily come as standard. They also pride themselves on their ability to generate tangible results through streamlining processes and cutting costs. It’ll help to ensure full compliance with any relevant regulations, too.

    4. Magaya Cargo System


    Magaya provides cargo management and logistics software development that delivers significant results via an easy-to-use interface. It’ll cover everything from quotations and bookings to pickup orders, tracking shipments in the air, on the ocean and on the ground and allowing your customers to track deliveries, too.

    As with some other providers, you can sign up for either a free trial or a free demo, and there are also video demos on offer so that you can check out the system without providing your information if you don’t want them to follow up with you. But as with most software providers who offer a free demo, it’s got to be worth giving it a go.

    5. AssignmentPlus Dock Scheduling


    AssignmentPlus’s entry on this list allows carriers to book and schedule online and to track key information in real time. Its features range from automated reminders and the ability to manage staff to providing calendar connectivity and to filter different appointments. Those automated reminders can even help to reduce no-shows.

    Designed to manage and track teams across multiple locations, AssignmentPlus is trusted by businesses of all sizes including 100 Fortune 1,000 clients. They’ve handled over 100 million appointments and they’re another great pick when you’re looking to save time and money by boosting your overall efficiency.

    6. Carego


    Carego’s logistics management solution relies on a range of different modules that deal with different sections of the workflow. Designed specifically for transport operators, their offering includes extensive support and a range of benefits including the ability to install the client software without expert help.

    This can help to cut down on setup costs, and their support team and training materials make it easy to get started. While they might be lacking in some of the features and integrations that other entries on this list are able to offer, they make up for it with how quick and easy it can be for you and your team to get started.

    7. Jaix


    Jaix is an Australian company that specializes in providing software to the logistics industry. The company offers strategic partnerships with its clients and has an edge over some of its competitors when it comes to the experience and expertise that they bring to the table. As well as having plenty of expertise when it comes to logistics, they’ve also worked with companies of all sizes.

    In fact, the platform’s scalability is one of its major benefits, making it a solid choice if you’re expecting to expand at a rapid rate. So if you’re in the market for transport management software, it’s definitely worth considering the three decades of experience that Jaix brings to the table.

    8. Ramco


    Ramco offers a cloud-based service that aims to drive customer loyalty by optimizing your fulfillment rate. Providing analytics and information in real-time, it can be accessed on the fly from any device and is perfect for more versatile use cases and for those who are looking for a mixture of performance and accessibility.

    Specifically created to cater to an increasingly omnichannel world, Ramco covers everything from order management to documentation and billing, also allowing you to manage and track what’s going on in your warehouse from within a single piece of software. They even have their own optimization engine which is designed to help you to identify the best solutions to complex problems.

    9. WebXpress


    WebXPress covers fleet management, warehouse management, logistics management and more to provide an end-to-end service for the logistics industry. One of the interesting things about WebXpress is that their support team is even available on WhatsApp, which is often useful when you’re pressed for time or trying to troubleshoot while on the move.

    The WebXpress platform tracks the entire shipping process including everything from proof of delivery to live GPS tracking and comprehensive auditing and analytical tools. Designed to suit different verticals and to bring you in line with compliance regulations no matter how big you are or where in the world you do business, it’s more than earned its place on this list.

    10. Soloplan


    Soloplan is a German company with 20 years of experience and membership in a number of professional organizations which highlight its credibility. Specifically designed for logistics companies and shippers, they provide software that covers order entry, planning, invoicing, fleet management and more.

    It’s also worth taking a look at their CarLo inTOUCH telematics system, which can be a nice little addition alongside their warehouse and logistics management platforms. Trusted by over a thousand customers in more than thirty countries, they aim to build long-term relationships instead of scoring short-term sales and can be worth considering if you want someone to partner with you and to guide you through the process.

    Last, but not least

    Now that you know what to look out for in logistics software, the next step is for you to go ahead and get started. Begin with the tools on this list and shortlist those that catch your eye. Then you can visit each of their websites to see if they offer free trials. Trials are great because they allow you to have a play with the software without any commitment, and so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of them if they’re on offer.

    Nothing for your needs?

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    Well, let’s talk and throw the light on your logistics software needs. Be sure to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help!

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