JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group

  • December 18, 2012

Zfort Group has hosted the first free conference on JavaScript in Kharkov that was held on Saturday, December 15. Considering JavaScript as one of the most popular and dynamic development platforms organizers have paid a lot of attention to Front-end development issues, the latest trends of the current technology. Interesting talks and workshops about Html5 and JavaScript were presented on the conference, providing the participants a chance to pick up with new tendencies in JS technology and proven solutions as well.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

The conference has attracted so much attention that the organizers had to finish the pre-registration procedure beforehand. A real sell-out was expected in spite of a rather frosty weekend, and indeed Zfort Group conference hall was just chock-full. The main reason of such demand was covered in awaited reports on actual themes of JS-development. Those potential participants, who could not attend personally, got the opportunity to get acquainted with the reports of the current event online.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

It was only 9:00 am, but the first guests have already appeared in our office, although registration had to be started not earlier than at 10.00 am. All guests were met by our beautiful Christmas tree, having got a great mood just from the doorway.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

More than 250 participants, twice more than it was planned before, took part in the conference. Not only Kharkov residents, but also specialists from other cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Belgorod, Moscow, have attended the event.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

After the grand opening at 11 am, all conference participants together with speakers have plunged into JS world.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

The welcome speech was made by Yehor Nazarkin, a Software Architect at MediaSapiens, who has later made a talk on JS architectural features and the sense of their use.

Then Yulia Puchnina, a senior Javascript Developer at Avid Technology, has told us about Javascript games for dummies, their creation, performance, debugging.

After a pause Denis Yarovoy, UI developer at EPAM Systems, described in details main X-Framework peculiarities.

Illya Klymov, a Coding Wizard in WookieeLabs, has made a professional report on Sencha Complete that gives developers access to the best combination of technology, tools, and support for developing multi-platform web apps based on HTML5.

After one more pause Ciklum specialists, Yuriy Silvestrov & Mikhail Valkov, have given a talk on prototyping app using JS and HTML5, offering the conference participants to take part in the open discussion on the current topic.

Both front-end and back-end Software development expert, Andrew Druchenko, explained how to use GWT in a largescale javascript development if a developer does not accept Java in his work.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)

During pauses all guests could talk to the speakers, make new friends, or just to think over the new info they learned at the conference.

After traditional reports it was time for Lightning Talks – short 5-minute presentations. Having come to the microphone every participant had an ability to talk about everything, starting from their own experience to tiny peculiarities of JS world.

JavaScript Conference at Zfort Group (2012)
The conference has been finished just at 7 pm, but the participants were inspired and fresh than ever, with no sign of fatigue on their faces :)

According to the participants, we can say that the first JS conference in Kharkov has proved to be really "excellent." Zfort Group is pleased to provide JavaScript specialists an appropriate location for the conference. We are always ready to organize such meetings on interesting and actual topics of IT community and just look forward to the next event!

More photos from this event are available in a separate Flickr album.

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