IT League Is Finally Launched. Zfort Group Is Active Participant, as Always

  • September 20, 2012
IT League Is Finally Launched. Zfort Group Is Active Participant, as Always

IT-League is one of the most anticipated events for IT specialists in Kharkov. It is held since the fall of 2009. The tournament gathers nearly two dozen of teams representing companies involved in IT.

Zfort Group is one of the most active participants of football events in Kharkov. Our team has been taking part in the IT-League from the very beginning. There are 13 players in Zfort Group football team. Among them there are PHP and front end developers, QA engineers and even our CEO.

You all probably missed the news from the IT football league.

The off-season is over and the new season is started.

This year brought us a few exciting news:

    • Zfort Group's team has been renewed.
    • This year's IT-league got new teams.
  • The competition place has been changed.

The toss-up gave us a pretty strong group, which involves:

  • GraceHoppers
  • Zfort Group
  • Random United
  • MPS
  • Plarium

So, let's have a quick look at these teams: two of them often gather the best players from the entire IT community of Kharkov – GraceHoppers and Random Utd. AKVELON is always stable. And there will be two completely new teams in the IT league: Plarium and MPS. We don't know what to expect from the newbies. So our team should be very serious about every game. And the play-off will bring us new competitors.

The first match Zfort Group vs. Random United resulted with a draw – 0:0.

IT League, The Final Game (2012)

The next games will be undoubtedly more overwhelming. So, follow our updates!

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