International Women's Day!

  • March 8, 2011
International Women's Day!

When it is spoken about beauty,

Rapturously, and sometimes lovely,

Somehow, unwittingly

It reminds me about you ...

E. Asadov


We mark a special occasion in the early spring. It is not like the others because actually this holiday needs to be celebrated every day.

Anyway, every year on the 8th of March the male half of the humanity begins to pay much more attention to the female one.


Dear Girls: You've always been the cause of everything. We fought for you in school (or pulled your tresses from great love), we went to war and conquered the empires for you. And of course, the birth of new generations is your achievement and we acknowledge this fact.

On this happy day take a break from everyday routine and look at the countless masterpieces that have been created in your honor: prose and poetry, paintings, sculptures, etc. You are and will always be our muses and our inspiration.

Thank you for your presence that brightens our everyday life.




And certainly there are the gifts for such a great holiday! We present beautiful flowers and French cosmetics certificates to all women of the company.

All men of Zfort Group.

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