Google Wins Contract Over Microsoft, Adobe Launches Creative Cloud

April 18, 2012

A weekly digest of articles, news and other interesting materials for web designers and developers from 05/18/2012.

In the current issue: mobile Internet won a 10% share of the worldwide traffic, Adobe launched cloud service Adobe Creative Cloud and much more.


Google Wins $35 Million U.S. Government Contract Over Microsoft – Google with Onix Networking company won a contract worth $35 million to run new cloud-based e-mail and collaboration system for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Mobile share of web traffic in Asia has tripled since 2010 and global share of mobile traffic is 10.01%. This is twice as big as it was in 2010.

Microsoft to bring full Internet Explorer browsing to Xbox 360 with Kinect controls – the updated Internet Explorer 9 that includes Bing voice search will let Xbox users surf all parts of the web right from their homes.

Apple drops Google Maps in iPhone and iPad in favor of their own maps – Apple introduces in-house maps application that is promised to be similar to Google Maps but with much faster, cleaner, and more reliable experience.

Scott Thompson quits as Yahoo CEO following 'fake degree' controversy – Scott Thompson, currently ex CEO of Yahoo!, has left his position due to fake degree in his CV. Thomson will be replaced by Ron Levinsohn, head of the global media department.

Visa to launch digital wallet – Visa company plans to launch mobile wallet service by fall of 2012.

Samsung Buys mSpot Cloud Locker – Samsung acquired mSpot cloud music and movies provider. mSpot is expected to be a featured app on Samsung phones and tablets.

Adobe launches its cloud service Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers get latest versions of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Affect Effects and other software alongside with 20 GB of cloud memory.

HP starts manufacturing consumer tablets that will work on the basis of new OS Microsoft Windows 8 this time – the tablet will feature 10.1-inch display and will mere 9.2mm thin.

Google Play Store surpasses 15 billion downloads – Google reached the milestone of 15 billion downloads of its Google Play Store. The Google Play Store currently has more than 500,000 apps.

Facebook rolls out file-sharing for all groups – Facebook launched file-sharing feature for all groups. Users may upload up to 25 MB.

Microsoft's search engine Bing gets new design – Microsoft updates Bing enabling it with a new information architecture with a three column design.


Chrome 19 has been launched – Google has announced the release of Chrome 19 stable build that introduces sync capabilities between devices and platforms and a few more innovations.

A video that displays advantages of Internet Explorer 10

Firefox 15 will use less memory – Mozilla company promises to fix memory leaks and present faster and more lightweight Firefox browser.

Video that advertises Firefox and asks users of IE a question – why do they need problems

Extensions that help read ePub ebooks on Firefox and Chrome 

Websites With Interesting Design and Functionality: – horizontal website with interactive animation – website with unusual design and keyboard navigation – interesting approach to animation of a webpage scrolling


Design with dissonance

Collection of designs for fans of Nike sneakers

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

40 Attractive Corporate Website Designs

Web design trends: aesthetics built around functionality

7 nationality-influenced patterns to inspire your website design

5 Logo Design Presentation Methods to Impress your Clients

Principles of User Interface Design by Joshua Porter

Collection of Free Design Cookies:

Incomplete dozen of fresh fonts mainly without notches

Free pricing table PSD layout

Ultra Sleek Accordion Slider: Free PSD Template

33 New Freebies from the Dribbble Community

Pandora UI Free for iOS – User Interface Pack


WebGL Rubik cube

CSS 3D Earth – emulation of water with interactive object in it and the possibility to influence on round-up conditions – falling leaves of cherry-tree – summer vacation landscape made by means of CSS3

Services: – large collection of applications widgets and services – fix broken Unicode chars – another service showing support of CSS properties by browsers


PIE 1.0.0 is finally released

Set of tools for web development for Firefox from Mozilla developers

Research of Jacob Nielsen on computer screens and their extensions

Mobiscroll – custom select for mobile sites and more

5 Useful CSS Tricks for Responsive Design

Secrets of creating kaleidoscope using jQuery and CSS

How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

jCSML – a library for creation of animation effects that work both on iPad2 and IE7

How to make a stylish preloader with SVG

An Overview of the Web Storage API

Mat Marquis tells about the latest offered variants of images input for websites with adaptive design

SASS vs. LESS. Who's the winner? Round 1.


CSS Beautify – service that formats your compressed code in accordance with the selected settings

Keep your CSS selectors short

Why you should care about CSS page performance

Annotation Overlay Effect with CSS3

CSS3 Substring Matching Attribute Selectors

Service with visual display of selectors work

CSS3 Family Tree


Fixed Table of Contents Drop-Down Menu

MiniJS – a collection of jQuery plugins with the most widespread functionality

Tablecloth.js – design of tables in Twitter Bootstrap style

JavaScript Canvas Image Conversion

Jq-idealforms – a small framework for creation of adaptive forms

jQuery Image Scale Carousel – non-standard slider with adaptive design

cPrompt and CookieCuttr were created in help of websites subjects to European laws. The plugins inform about the use of cookies by websites.

Socialite.js is needed to control the download and activation of social buttons that have significant impact to upload speed and page rendering in terms of the usual placement on a page.

jQuery Knob helps create on a page habitual in commercial design elements of level control, e.g. sound (IE9+)

28 High-Quality jQuery Plugins For Building Responsive Websites


Video of the best moments from Front-Trends 2012

Video from conferences Big Trend Events

The origins of the tag

The font wars from Smashing Magazine

The winner in competition by Google on the best model of a town


Antipodes Map helps view what's there on the other part of the Earth.

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