Yandex Launches Yandex.Disc, Google Releases Chrome 18

April 6, 2012

A weekly issue of articles, news and other interesting materials for designers from 04/06/2012.

In the current issue: launch of a new cloud service – Yandex.Disk, Neo CSS – elements of design based solely on CSS; collection of useful tools for creation of adaptive websites, and much more.


Yandex company announced the launch of its new service Yandex.Disc – Yandex, the dominant search engine in Russia, has launched a new service, named Yandex.Disc. The service allows registered users to store up to 10 Gb of data in the cloud. The service is available only in Russia and available only by invitation for now. It supports synchronization between devices allowing users to access data from multiple PCs.

Facebook develops its own search engine – it looks like Facebook has decided to challenge Google with its search engine. Facebook developers have already started to improve search facilities on the largest social network, and the ready service can be a serious competitor to Google search engine, the developers said. The Facebook Search will index not only external resources, but also the inner content of the social network – user's photos, statuses and posts.

Android 2.x Gingerbread holds 70% of share among devices with mobile OS from Google – Android 4.x “Icecream Sandwich” has been released to the market of smartphones and tablets based on OS from Google, but Gingerbread version still holds the main share of the market of these gadgets.


Google releases Chrome 18 – Google announced the next release of its OS with a handful of enhancements and improvements interesting not only to ordinary users, but also to web designers and developers, as the updated OS comes with speed enhancements and improved rendering of 2D and 3D graphics.

Firefox 3.6 will not be supported since April 24 – after 2 years of regular updates of Firefox 3.6, Mozilla announced the date of April 24 as the official day of the end of support of this version. That is why the company asks users to update their browsers from the 3.6 version, if they wish to get updates after April 24.

Internet Explorer browser has shown increase of its market share after long decrease – Internet Explorer has stopped the tendency of progressive decrease of its share on the global market and even managed to return a number of its followers.

Design: – website with improvised navigation in two planes and support of keyboard. – website with interesting rotator that includes parallax effect. - interactive website-portfolio with unobtrusive design and dynamic effects. – improvised approach to organization of content by means of arrangement of independent blocks in a horizontal plane. – original advertisement of a product with sprite animation.


Graphs of mathematical functions are now in 3D with Google – three month ago Google learnt to build mathematical functions. And now 3D animation is supported (WebGL).

FontFont Subsetter – free service that helps reduce and customize web fonts.

SnipSave helps quickly create, edit and delete code snippets.


The article helps solve question about the ways of overlaying onto any element of Gaussian Blur effect by means of CSS3/SVG.

Educational article about methods of website creation with horizontal placement of elements and adaptive design and techniques that are applied in this case.

Sooner or later all modern web designers will face the issue of realization of navigation on mobile websites. This article clarifies this issue.

Flat Icons & Icon Fonts – vast collection of fonts with icons that can be used in design and coding of web pages.


Neo CSS – design elements, created by means of CSS – this service will be very helpful if you wish to design an efficient website with minimal number of request to a server

More CSS – the most innovative preprocessor of styles. Comments at the end of the page deserve much attention.

Paperfold.css – Mozilla developers continue demonstration of 3D CSS transformation capabilities.

New adaptive CSS3 slider that is designed with minimum use of JavaScript.


Envision.js – a library for creation of fast, dynamic and interactive visualization of data. The library is used with the help of HTML5, but it works fine in old versions of Internet Explorer.

jQuery Retina Plugin helps make separate download of images for ordinary type of screen and for retina display.

Hammer.js – small js-library that helps add support of multi-touch gestures.

Timeline – jQuery plugin that helps display chronological events and, if used correctly, make a wow-effect.

jQuery Scroll Path – jQuery plugin that helps track the path of the visible area of a browser window that it follows when scrolling a page.


Get acquainted with the stars of the world front-end who make the web in the way we know it.

Codecademy Adds Beginner Languages HTML and CSS – Codecadamy announced the launch of online-course devoted to HTML and CSS.


8-bit Google Maps – Google makes a present for those who miss the old 8-bit games.

Google Underwater service suggest users to dive into the search. Literally.

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