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Infographics: 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development

Infographics: 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development
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    In the digital era, remote work and outsourcing have become a popular trend. When you think about the possible risks related to moving your business offshore, please check first what outsourcing can suggest you. We would like to share a few reasons why outsourcing makes sense in today's world.

    Why Outsource?

    Outsourcing software development services offers you a broad set of benefits. Firstly, an outsourced team can bring a global perspective to your project. An outsourced team has worked on different projects and has experience dealing with various clientele, business demands, and countries. This global experience will add a ‘fresh view' on your project as well.

    The most sought after destinations for outsourcing are the Middle-East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is an attractive outsourcing destination for many reasons, including low costs, accuracy and attention to detail, high level of professionalism, and most importantly a shared mentality with Western countries.


    Both time and money. Outsourcing companies require 40-60% fewer expenses than an in-house team. For an in-house team, a company will need to provide a higher salary, vacation, taxes, and medical insurance expenses.

    You will save time because there is no need to train and hire a new staff or create a workplace for them, etc. As your outsourced team will focus solely on your tasks, the duration of the project might be even shorter than originally projected.


    Naturally, you are going to encounter risks regardless of whether you work with an in-house or remote team. Bugs can appear after the project is finished, employees can leave in the middle of the project, or a number of other unforeseen circumstances can occur. Certainly, these same problems or issues can appear in your in-house team as well. Remote teams are also more likely to be affected by communication issues.

    Have you ever heard of ‘workplace clashes'? In some instances, too many emotional and personal issues can be brought to work, potentially having an impact on the project. With outsourcing, this risk can be avoided, simply because the outsourced team focuses only on the project. At any rate, you will save nearly half of all expenses by outsourcing your work.


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