Hidden Costs of Mobile App Development

Hidden Costs of Mobile App Development



It feels like technical progress runs faster than evolution. Just a few years ago, we used our phones for calling purposes only. Today, smartphones became our personal Universe. The mobile market became a fast growing industry, where app development plays an essential role.

When startups or companies plan to launch their mobile app, they don't recognize that the price of the app can vary from thousands to millions.

We would like to highlight top hidden costs of a mobile app development.


App Store Market Placement

The app stores usually take a fee for each mobile app. You may pay annually, and this will cost $99 for Apple or Amazon App stores. The one-time payment is also possible and is usually about $25 in Google Play Store. Also, the price may vary for a native app.


Programming Languages for Different Platforms

Mobile apps are usually built for multiple platforms and different programming languages, so you'll get more expenses on your app.


Design Cost

The design is important for your mobile app as well, as it's going to be the first thing your customers see. The poorly designed interface may motivate users to uninstall it, so make sure you put all efforts to create a proper design for your app.



You will need to store it either on the cloud or on a shared/dedicated server, which requires paying hosting costs.


Maintenance and Installations

Mobile app development process requires constant maintenance. You will need to consider various updates, bug fixes, security, etc. The installation also can add more expenses to your budget.


Customer Support

You will need to provide your customers with the relevant support. Customer support requires significant expenses as you may need to hire people.


Marketing and Advertisement

The mobile app market is extremely competitive, and if you want to differentiate your product from others, be ready to allocate significant budget for promotion.


A decent mobile app requires good maintenance, security update, user support, as well as effective marketing strategy. Count beforehand the possible hidden costs of your mobile app to reduce the risks of project failure.