Happy Programmer's Day!

  • September 13, 2011

Hello everybody! Our congratulations to all the programmers!

Today is the 256th day of the year, so each programmer can confidently say, “It's my day!”

On the eve of the programmer's day, we've made a survey of experts. As you know, the day of programmers is celebrated on the 256th day of the year. We decided to divide this number on two figures: the symbolic 32 and 8, and asked the experts some questions about the future of the IT-industry. What will happen to the world in 8 and 32 years? Below you can find our ideas of beautiful future for the IT-industry.

Zfort Group Celebrates Programmer's Day (2011)

In 8 years:

    • Computer sizes will be further minimized and they finally get the full integration into our lives. PCs as a term will actually die and be replaced with some specialized substitutes integrated in different areas of life;
    • Existing programming languages will yield to specialized macro languages. But in general, the situation will remain the same. The existing languages will be used in future;
    • Programmers will finally become the most popular profession, especially among young professionals;
    • The Internet will be spread into many areas of life. The vast majority of devices will be integrated into the Network. All other media types (TV, radio, etc.) will be absorbed by the Internet;
    • There will be fewer standards for websites (we mean W3C standards). Websites will become more focused on mobile services and devices, and more heavy (taking into consideration the development of data transfer in the Network, it won't be a problem);

In 32 years:

  • The term “computer” won't be associated with PC any more, and will become a survival of times past. Computers will be implanted directly into the human's brain. The power of the human brain will be used actively during an interaction with a computer. Specialized computers will come very close to artificial intelligence. They will be more trusted and human will delegate responsibilities and decision-making to computers;
  • Even though programming languages will continue to be used and improved, in fact, the programming will be reduced to the level of simple machine's management;
  • Programmers will remain one of the most powerful professions in the world ;)
  • The Network will oust all media formats. TV and radio will become a part of the Network. Certainly, the Network will begin implementation of tactile sensations. The Internet in a person's life will be replaced with the integration of man into the Internet;
  • Websites will be as interactive as possible. In fact, instead of the websites there will be an artificial personality created for each user.

Zfort Group Celebrates Programmer's Day (2011)
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