Gym and Shower in Zfort Group

  • August 17, 2010
Gym and Shower in Zfort Group

As you already know, Zfort Group is a friendly web development company that is friendly both to clients and employees. We strive to create the best possible working environment. Taking care of health and comfort of our employees is important for us.

And we are happy to inform that our office is now equipped with a gym and a shower. The gym area involves wall bars and a table for ping-pong. We plan to buy much more sportive equipment in the nearest future. We hope that the new gym will become one of the favorite places of our employees in the office, will help them maintain health and bring more joy and sport into their lives. The shower will make trainings more comfortable. Also, it is indispensable for our bikers. The level of our employees' happiness went up with this great news!

Table Tennis Final Game (2012)

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