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Google Will Merge Chrome OS & Android

Google Will Merge Chrome OS & Android
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    After the years, from 2011, when Google started to sell Chromebooks, it seems that we will have the one OS for smartphones, tablets and desktops - Android. Despite the official comments, there are a lot of insider information about the soon merge.

    Now Android is the most used OS. Over a billion devices all over the world run it. You can find it on smartphones, tablets, TVs, watches and, even, cars. 4 of 5 smartphones will have Android inside. And as Chromebooks have not more than 3% market share after 5 years, so it looks very logical to expand the most popular OS on desktops.

    As a result, desktop users of Android will  get access to apps from Google Play. And in this case, a user won't leave the Google's ecosystem at all. Whenever you are: at home, in your car, in your office, you will be using Android. The circle is closed.

    But Google is not the one on this way. Microsoft attends to make Windows 10 an OS for all your devices and presented a dock station, which converts your Lumia to a desktop. And, certainly, Apple won't miss this fight.

    Of course, Google won't kill Chromebooks tomorrow. It will take a couple of years, especially if we'll think of US Department of Education, whom Chromebooks are supplied.

    Moreover, about a month ago Google has presented a new tablet - Pixel C. It has a 10.2-inch screen, Nvidia Tegra X1 processor and the latest Android on board. From the competitors prospect, it must compete Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple MacBook. But it seems, that first of all, it will beat both: browser-centric web model and Chromebooks as its essence.

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