November 19, 2018

5 reasons static sites rock, keyboard-only focus styles, page flip layout, Node.js offline PDF documentation, an overview of render props in React, Angular app with Angular CLI in a couple of minutes, and more. Keep on reading!


Web Development

• Chrome Dev Summit 2018 - All Sessions
• by Google - the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web.
• The Power of Web Components
• HTTP/3
• 5 Reasons Static Sites Rock!
• Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2018
• The Virtual DOM is slow. Meet the Memoized DOM.
• Peeking under the hood of redesigned Gmail
• FE webdev on iPad Pro (2018)
• Why using `tabindex` values greater than “0” is bad



• The “C” in CSS: The Cascade
• How to Remove Unused CSS for Leaner CSS Files
• Difference between currentColor & Custom Properties
• Braces to Pixels
• Smooth Text Scaling in JavaScript & CSS
• Hardcore CSS calc( )
• Keyboard-Only Focus Styles
• How the team behind uses CSS Grid in production



• Handling Errors in JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
• Promise chaining is dead. Long live async/await
• Build your own interactive JavaScript playground
• Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop
• After two years with TypeScript – was it worth it? 
• How to use NodeJS without frameworks and external libraries
• Node.js Offline PDF Documentation 
• Execution context and the call stack — visually illustrated by a slice of tasty cake


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