February 20, 2018




A guide to clipping and masking in SVG, media queries in HTML email,  anonymous chat app in JavaScript, event propagation in JavaScript, upgrading AngularJS to Angular5, building a Saas App with Vue.js, and much more. Enjoy!



Web Development

• Front End Interview Handbook (Answers) - Useful for testing yourself and learning more about quirks, best practices and standards on the web
• A cryptocurrency miner hidden in a favicon.ico - welcome to 2018
• Handling long titles with truncation
• Everything Easy is Hard Again
• Accessibility: Review of 2017 and Outlook for 2018
• Mobile Web: When Speed Matters 





• New experiment: sort tables with CSS and HTML only — Uses inline CSS variables and `order` property (in flex context, could be also used with grids), and the code beyond this is really compact and simple.
• CSS Basics: The Syntax That Matters & The Syntax That Doesn't
• CSS Basics: Using Multiple Backgrounds
• CSS Basics: Fallback Font Stacks for More Robust Web Typography
• Everything you need to know about CSS variables
• Understanding Media Queries in HTML Email
• Debugging CSS Performance with Chrome's Profiling Tools
• the @FirefoxDevTools in Nightly are now displaying a flex flag when the element is a flex item. ?‍♀️super useful for diagnosis.




• Ember 3.0 Released
• We're nearing the 7.0 Babel release. Here's all the cool stuff we've been doing.
• Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd edition - This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.
• A simplified explanation of event propagation in JavaScript.
• How to update a User's Status in realtime using JavaScript and Pusher
• How to keep your JavaScript code simple and increase its readability
• How I built a public, anonymous chat app in JavaScript
• Async Await Saves The Day (Sort Of)
• Promises are not neutral enough

  • Libs & Plugins:
    • date2json — Parse Date to Json in JavaScript.
    • face-verify.js: Monitoring who is physically looking at a website for additional security.
    • blotterJS — a JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.


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