FRONT-END WEEKLY DIGEST ( December 25 — December 31, 2017)

December 31, 2017

Hey, guys! Here comes the last FED digest of the outgoing year. Favorite front-end tools of 2017, the most popular front-end links from 2017, JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2018,  and JavaScript trends to watch in 2018. The issue seems to be really great!

We appreciate you reading our digests and wish you all the best in 2018!



Web Development

• Front-End Tools: My Favorite Finds of 2017
• The most popular Frontend links from 2017
• The 2018 Roadmap To Fullstack Web Development
• A Sliding Nightmare: Understanding the Range Input
• Minimum Viable Sharing Meta Tags
• How to increase annual revenue by 97% using neural networks and Google AMP





• Calc() function with Use Cases
• Auto-Sizing Columns in CSS Grid: `auto-fill` vs `auto-fit`
• How to recreate Medium's article layout with CSS Grid
• Five Design Fears to Vanquish With CSS Grid
• 10 Dev Talks & Presentations on the Future of CSS
• Making The Transition From After Effects To CSS Transitions And Keyframes





• Which JavaScript frameworks should you learn in 2018?
• The Top JavaScript Trends to Watch in 2018
• I made a talking emoji using regular emojis and JavaScript
• How To Make Changes to the DOM
• Writing JS libraries less than 1TB size. A small guide to create extra small libraries.



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