FRONT-END WEEKLY DIGEST ( November 27 — December 3, 2017)

December 6, 2017

Web performance, accessibility, AMP/PWA, animations, tools - that's what you can read about in our FED digests. An ultimate list of news and releases for front-end gurus. Enjoy!



Web Development

• An introduction to frontend testing
• Bugs in Production — the Dirty Dozen!
• How to Start With Static Sites
• The Front-End Checklist is just a tool… everything depends on you.
• Best Podcasts About Web Design & Web Development







• JSRobot - Learn to code in JavaScript by playing a game
• An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8
• JavaScript hacks for ES6 hipsters
• The Definitive JavaScript Handbook for a developer interview
• Implementing The Sieve Of Eratosthenes in JavaScript
• MobX vs Redux with React: A noob's comparison and questions
• Contributing to ECMAScript

  • Libs & Plugins:
    • Classily.js - Toggling classes more classily
    • rapid.js — an ORM-like Interface and a Router For Your API Requests
    • superstruct — a simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript


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