Founder of Will Visit Zfort Group

  • January 8, 2011
Founder of Will Visit Zfort Group

On August 2, Max Ishchenko comes to visit us in Zfort Group's office. Max is well-known by a lot of people, but his project – is known by thousands. The entire IT community of Ukraine is gathered at DOU and today it is one of the most visited websites for professional software developers in our country.

Recently, Max returned from Silicon Valley and we decided to hold a small meeting at the round table where everyone can ask him any questions about programming and anything else. Transcript of the meeting will be broadcasting live on Twitter (UA) of Zfort Group.

If you have any questions to Max or topics that can be discussed – please contact us sending an e-mail, a personal message to our account on Twitter or adding comment to our account on Facebook (UA).

By the way, Max has a blog and Twitter where you can get even more information about him.

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