Exclusive Interview of Zfort Group HR Director

  • November 10, 2010
Exclusive Interview of Zfort Group HR Director

Natalia Klimenko, HR Director at Zfort Group has given an exclusive interview to a job portal rabota.ua. In the interview she told about the experience of use of free and paid advertisement at job websites, search by recommendations, active ways of personnel search.

Natalia considers that job sites are most effective for recruiting of IT specialist in demand, as these sites provide up to 40% of all the candidates. On the second place is a direct search that includes social networks with a share of 30%. More 30% give both search in the company base and internal referral system. Natalia also told about competent straightening of employer image on the example of Zfort Group company. More about this you can find in exclusive interview for rabota.ua website (Russian language).

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