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Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency Development: Case Study by Zfort Group

Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency Development: Case Study by Zfort Group
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    Can you imagine Internet with no ads, no tracking, no malware, fast, unlimited, and free? This may sound a bit futuristic, but that's the project we're currently up with and can't keep under the hat. So today we lift the veil on one of our most recent and revolutionary blockchain solutions. (OIO) is a brand new blockchain-based technology introduced by a startup started in 2017. The OIO is inspired by a big idea of making Internet a better place without ads and advanced security level. token performs as a unique digital currency which will be generated based on the amount of time a user spends on a website.

    No more ads, no tracking and collecting users profile data, no malware. A blockchain-operated algorithm will let users browse Internet safely and for free.

    Zfort Group development team works hard to deliver the solution which comes up with: mobile application, desktop browser extension, wallet, marketplace, merchant system, APIs and plugins for all major e-commerce platforms.

    A short overview of the problems OIO addresses:


    1. Security

    By implementing custom malware and ad detection solution, will enable safe and more convenient experience for users.


    2. Free Internet

    The algorithm will be the source of revenue for websites. The more time a user spends on a website, the more revenue a website owner gets.


    3. Privacy

    Integrated script that will prevent companies from tracking and storing their customers' private information.


    4. Quality

    A rating system integrated into the platform will allow users to leave feedback on the websites they visit and warn the community once any suspicious activity on website is revealed.


    What's next?

    With 40% of the world population having Internet access, we predict this startup a flourishing future, since a number of data privacy regulation documents will come into operation and affect the existing advertising policy.

    To put things short, blockchain can be used not only within the crypto world. There's a bunch of industries that already make the most of this technology.

    We're so excited to help our customers bring their ideas to life. Blockchain is a technology that can't stay ignored anymore, since it is already implemented by Fortune 500 giants like IBM, Oracle, Visa and many more.

    Don't stay aside and join the revolution!


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