Winners of .Net Awards, 10 Priorities of Mobile Website Development

December 9, 2011

Weekly digest of articles, news and other interesting materials from 12/09/2011

In the current issue: .net awards 2011: the winners, 10 priorities of mobile version of a website development, and much more.


.net Awards 2011: the winners! – heroes of this year in opinion of the authoritative magazine.

Future of Flash, opinions of professionals

Average Web Page Size Grew 25 Percent in a Year


The Fourth IE10 Platform Preview – all interested persons may test the version of Internet Explorer being developed by downloading its demonstrational distributive.

Browser Report: November 2011 – overview of mobile browsers market for the previous month.

Google's new ad space: Chrome

Will the Browser Wars Invade the Mobile Web? – everything is calm in the mobile browsers world. The most of them are written on WebKit engine.


The Great Logos of November – a collection of the freshest November logos. – interesting realization of a portfolio. – horizontal website with animated background. – qualitative website with parallax-effect.

What exactly is the point in using trademark symbols? – to use or not to use symbols ® and ™?


Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery – typographic effects implemented by means of CSS3 and jQuery.

Interesting parallax site-comics that works in IE9 and Chrome browsers – Created for «Beauty of the Web» in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9.


Google Maps indoors

Google+ for politics – separate page type designed for politics.

Teach parents tech – short videos teaching parents the basics of using technologies.

YouTube finally gets 1080p support for HTML5, testing Flash features

JS Bin – Handy Online Editor for JavaScript and HTML/CSS – another online editor JavaScript/HTML/CSS with live review of results.


Ten best practices for designing mobile websites

Responsive ‹img› tags – or possible standardized realization of several image versions support for mobile devices with different resolution.

Specification of microformats 2.0 is officially ready.

Getting Started with Sass – what is Sass and where to get started?

Icon Fonts are Awesome – Chris Coyier states with arguments that this is really great technology.


CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 4

Mozilla CSS Reference – useful help on standard CSS properties, pseudo-classes and elements, @-rules, and selectors in the alphabetic order from Mozilla team.


The Best Way to Learn jQuery – free video course devoted to learning of jQuerry basics.

How to Create Web Animations with Paper.js – information on how to draw a dandelion with physical properties like in canvas tag.


The History of the Internet (Infographic) – short history of the Internet with important dates and short descriptions of the correspondent events.

In Thailand, a “Like” on Facebook Can Get You 15 Years in Jail


Be like a movie hacker – entertaining service made on the basis of Hollywood movies about hackers.

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