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Coronavirus vs. AI

Coronavirus vs. AI
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    Artificial intelligence is combating the spread of the coronavirus. Data science and machine learning might be two of the most powerful weapons in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Medical researchers all over the world are doing their best to develop coronavirus treatment and produce the vaccine to prevent its further expansion. There are dozens of projects underway. Still, this process can take months or even longer.

    Taking into account the COVID-19 ability to mutate, no one will refuse the help of AI. Time-sensitivity prompts government and private companies to turn to AI solutions. Because benefits of AI are undisputed.

    The most encouraging results belong to DeepMind, an AI lab owned by Google. It has recently released protein compositions present in SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Using the latest version of AlphaFold system, the research sheds light on how the coronavirus protein structure develops. The results were sent to a biomedical study lab in the UK, as well as offered for download from its website.

    Hopefully, it will enable the scientific community to grasp how the virus works and how it can be stopped.

    In more detail, this computational system uses algorithms based on "template modeling" to guess the physical structure of proteins from amino acid chains. Although predictions have not been experimentally verified yet, they are supposed to contribute to the coronavirus research of the global scientific community and serve as a platform for future experimental work.

    Apart from that, future epidemic control lies with AI-based screening tools. They detect fever and reduce cross-infection dynamics, much better than traditional methods.

    Big data helps to measure the rate of spread; access to individual data gives a precise picture of how the virus is circulating. AI-powered data analytics pulls insights from people's online behavior, which is also a valuable real-time insight to stay prepared, be able to respond to the virus, making better decisions.

    AI-enabled apps nowadays can perform the risk assessment as for the likelihood to get sick and gives relevant recommendations. If a person is unable to travel, a mobile health check will be requested from the nearest facility.

    Today digital connectivity and the use of AI provide new opportunities to save lives, creates a unique ecosystem for patient care.

    Here at Zfort Group, we believe that the healthcare system will inevitably change across the globe. Now is the time when technology is no longer a benefit for a business solution, but rather a necessity.

    If you have any ideas about how to fight coronavirus with AI or protect people, don't hesitate to contact us, our AI Development Company at your service.


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