Charity in Zfort Group

  • May 21, 2015
Charity in Zfort Group

Zfort Group is a company of kind-hearted and generous people. During the past year Zfort took part in a lot of charity campaigns and we are very proud of our Zforters who supported these initiatives.

A year ago we received information that our zoo had finance problems and animals could hardly survive. We gathered a certain amount of money and bought 1.2 tons of carrots and other food for our four-legged friends.

Sometime later we assisted two orphanages. We brought a lot of toys, sweets, fruits and clothes for children there. It is already our corporate tradition to help children as much as possible.

During the whole year we were persistently assisting our local military hospital and soldiers who were in the zone of the Antiterrorist Operation. There was a huge need in medicine, medical tools, thermal underwear and winter clothes. We passed all these by our friend, a sister of mercy. Besides we helped to buy a generator for the military hospital because in winter the whole city had serious electricity problems.

Our Zforters are really initiative and several months ago some of us decided to become blood donors. At the same time we held a seminar form the Red Cross “How to provide the first aid in case of emergency”.

To finish it up, we would like to mention our traditional Charity Fairs when we make toys, biscuits, pies and then sell them from an auction. The gathered money we spent on presents for orphans.

Zfort Group never stands aside when we can help people in need. We try to make our city, our country and everyone around us better. It is so pleasant to see children's smiles and internal peace in the eyes of people we meet.

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