Best Logos of 2012. 100+ Collections of the Best Logo Designs

Best Logos of 2012. 100+ Collections of the Best Logo Designs

Zfort Group always tends to keep you up-to-date with the latest design inspiration. We've been surfing the Internet for the whole year in search of the best and the most brilliant logos that appeared in the most respectable design communities. As a result, we gathered 100+ collections that showcase the essence of logos of 2012.

The logos collections are divided into a few categories by subject. So here we go!

Logos with Interesting Color Schemes

Color offers an obvious method for conveying meaning and message in logo designs. It's probably the most powerful non-verbal form of communication that designers can apply. Let's take a look at some examples on how to cleverly use colors in logos design:

25 Inspirational Multi Colored Logos

30 Beautiful Logo Designs With A Color In Its Name

40 Colorful Examples of Logo Designs

Exceptional Collection of One Color Minimalist Logos


Logos with Hidden Meaning

Clever designers engage their audience by creation of logos which convey hidden messages. Here are some great logos that carry such symbolism – some of the messages are more obvious than the others, but all of them are definitely clever and worth to be shown in our digest:

50 Smart Logos With Hidden Symbolism

33 More Creative Logos with Hidden Symbolism

The Hidden Meaning Behind Really Good Logos

A Showcase of Bright, Colourful Logos

 Animal Logos

This is probably the most popular logo designs category. There are many aspects to consider when creating a logo with an animal as the main object – this is not about just picking a proper character and color, there are many more aspects to consider making the logo really meaningful and memorable. Below are the best logos that use animal imagery to describe a product or a company:

30 Beautiful Designs of Butterfly Logo

33 Amusing Designs of Monkey Logo

33 Cute Designs of Bee Logo

30 Powerful Designs of Elephant Logo

30 Stylish Animal Logos

A Showcase of 40 Creative Fish Logos

30 Ultra Powerful Designs of Eagle Logo

30 Powerful Designs of Horse Logo

A Collection Of Inspiring Shark Logo Designs

30 Fascinating Designs of Penguin Logo

30 Pleasant Designs of Chicken Logo

30 Cool Designs of Deer Logo

40 Impressive Frog Logo Designs

30 Interesting Turtle Logo Designs

A Collection of Striking Crab Logo

30+ Eye-catching Designs of Octopus Logo

20 of Best Bird Logos – Well Designed and Inspiring

20 of The Best Lion Logos – Design and Inspiration

30 Designs of Bear Logo for your Inspiration

40+ Splashing Fish Logo Designs

 Logos Inspired by Nature

Nature is a rich source for inspiration indeed! Elements of nature like water, sun, trees are found in many logos. See how logo designers are using nature elements in their work in order to create fresh eye-catching logos:

30 Wonderful Designs of Flower Logo

Logo Design: Moon

A Collection of Inspiring Tree Logo Designs

36 Drop Logos.  Logo Design Inspiration

30 Bright Designs of Sun Logo

35 Cleverly Designed Leaf Logos

30 Creative Moon Logo Designs

50 Inspirational Sea Logo Designs

Earth, Water, Fire & Air: 40 Elemental Logos

Showcase: 50 Logos Inspired by Trees

Logo Design Inspiration Featuring Feathers

35 Logos Inspired by Nature

50 Dreamy and Fluffy Cloud Logo Designs to Inspire You

Inspiration: 50 Creative Tree Logos

Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Wave Logos 

Negative Space Logo Designs

The negative space technique is being successfully implemented in logo design. Empty spaces around and between elements in a logo design create a really distinctive effect when used properly. Check out these examples of cleverly designed logos which utilize negative space:

A Showcase of Negative Space in Logo Design

35 Clever Negative Space Logo Showcase


Retro-style Logo Designs

These examples represent a kind of mixture of logo design and vintage graphics. Don't miss out these definitely brilliant logos made with a retro touch and a comforting sense of nostalgia:

30 Gorgeous Examples of Retro-Style Logo Designs

A Showcase of Retro and Vintage Logo Design


Interestingly Shaped Logos

Simply shaped logos based on circles, squares, triangles work beautifully in part because of their simplicity. Complex and 3D logos have certain subconscious meanings as well. Great examples are below:

20 Examples of Circular (Rounded) Logo Designs

25 Logos With 3D Effects

30 Vibrant Looking Designs of Star Logo

30 Awesome Arrow Inspired Logo Designs

30 Artistically Designed Arrow Logo

33 Stunning Examples of Logo Design: Bubbles


Vehicle Logo Designs

This is an interesting kind of logo design which represents logos based on images of cars, trucks, bikes, boats etc. Similar vehicle logos can be a perfect fit for any kind of transportation business:

Showcase: 50 Transportation Logos for Your Inspiration

30 Awesome Car Logos for your Inspiration

30 Creatively Designed Bike Logo

33 Beautiful Boat Logos 



Here you can find a lot of excellent fascinating logo ideas which weren't mentioned above. These logos are inspired by various objects and designed for different kinds of business, art, etc.

33 Wonderful Designs of Hand Logo

30 Beautifully Designed Eye Logo

33 Stylish Fashion Logo Designs to Get Inspired

50 Stunning RSS Symbol Inspired Logo Designs

35 Cleverly Designed Pencil Logo for Your Inspiration

36 Amazing Rocket in Logo Designs

35 Impressive Examples of Shoes Logo

Showcase of Photography Logos

25 Examples of Logo Using People Illustrations

35 Superb Design Examples of Film Logo

45 Effective Use of Spoon, Fork and Knife in Logo Design

55 Creative Typographic Logo Designs for Your Inspiration

30 Unique Logo Designs Inspired by House

35 Awesome Examples of Mail Logo Designs 

We hope these examples have been a good source of inspiration for you and stimulated your creativeness for your next web design project! So take a moment and let us know which are your favorites in the comments below.

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