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​​​​​​​Zfort Group at Web Summit 2023: Harnessing the Future of Technology in Lisbon

Zfort Group at Web Summit 2023
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    This November, 70,000+ attendees will descend upon 2023 Web Summit in Lisbon, representing many companies at the forefront of the tech industry. 

    Zfort Group is excited to participate in this transformative event, intending to connect, innovate, and shape the future alongside fellow trailblazers.

    Web Summit: A Nexus for Technological Evolution

    Organized by the Dublin-based company, which also runs notable events like Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong, Web Summit is recognized as "the world's premier tech conference" by Politico. 

    It assembles what the New York Times calls: "a grand conclave of the tech industry's high priests." 

    It's not just a summit; it's a global gathering of policymakers, tech CEOs, startups, and visionaries all asking one central question: "Where to next?"

    To give you an idea of the scale and diversity:

    • Attendees from 160+ countries
    • Over 2,600 startups and 800+ investors
    • A balanced gender representation with 42% women attendees
    • 1,000+ distinguished speakers, from the President of, Kuo Zhang, to notable figures like Patrice Evra and Helle Thorning-Schmidt

    Meet Zfort Group at Web Summit

    At the heart of the tech evolution lies Zfort Group, a trailblazing force in creating intricate web and mobile applications driven by the immense power of AI and Blockchain. We're attending the Web Summit with a clear objective: to showcase our cutting-edge solutions, explore collaborations, and further understand the digital world's evolving needs.

    Anna Slipits, our dynamic Business Development Manager, will represent us. Anna embodies Zfort's commitment to excellence with her premium insights and proactive approach. As you navigate the summit, seek Anna out to discover how our capabilities can align with your vision.

    Joining her is Nadiia Semenova, our esteemed Director of Engineering. With a rich professional journey transitioning from quality assurance roles to project management and now leading the engineering department, Nadiia exemplifies Zfort's dedication to technical mastery and leadership. Engage with Nadiia to dive deeper into the intricacies of our technical solutions and explore potential avenues for collaboration.

    Zfort Group: Pioneers in Technology

    Zfort Group, with its expertise in AI, Blockchain, Web Development, and more, has consistently made strides in the ever-evolving world of technology. 

    Our commitment to delivering solutions tailored to our client's needs makes us a preferred partner for businesses aiming to leverage the best in tech.

    Vision for the Future

    In these uncertain times, where technology offers not just solutions but hope, Zfort Group envisions a future where AI, Blockchain, and Web Development are not just tools but pivotal in shaping businesses and societies. 

    Web Summit serves as a catalyst; we're here to be both learners and contributors to this future.

    Join Us in Shaping the Future

    We invite potential collaborators, partners, and tech enthusiasts to meet and interact with our team at the Web Summit. If you're seeking to harness the potential of AI, Blockchain, Web Development, and more, Zfort Group is your ideal partner.


    Lisbon beckons, and as the city prepares to host one of the most significant tech events of the year, Zfort Group is gearing up to be a part of the future today. Let's redefine tech together. See you at Web Summit 2023!


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    Roman Korzh

    VP of Development

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    Business Development Manger

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