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6 Email Marketing Campaigns to Skyrocket eCommerce Revenue

6 Email Marketing Campaigns to Skyrocket eCommerce Revenue
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    For decades now, email marketing has been an essential element to the overall performance of businesses, including eCommerce sites. This is true to the extent that, not integrating email marketing campaigns into an eCommerce sales strategy, literally means leaving a huge chunk of money on the table.

    The email marketing campaigns can be seen as the glue holding the relationship between our brand and potential buyers, creating a strong opportunity for us to build trust and create engaging shopping experiences.

    Therefore, the key is in understanding the customer lifecycle, so we can observe and anticipate the buying behavior

    The type of emails we send may vary based on our objectives, so the essence of effective email marketing campaigns is understanding our customer lifecycle, enabling us to observe and anticipate their buying behavior and send targeted marketing emails that carry the exact incentive they need to make a purchase.

    Regardless of our marketing objectives, email marketing campaigns help us perform faster and more efficiently. So in this article, we'll discover 6 amazing email marketing campaigns that adapt to objectives and ensure eCommerce sites generate as much revenue as possible.

    Let's get started!

    Why set up triggered email marketing campaigns for eCommerce?

    Creating an eCommerce site with the help of providers such as Magento or Prestashop to email marketing software makes it possible to send automated email campaigns triggered by customer actions and create more relevant conversion opportunities.

    With the data we collect from how customers interact with our eCommerce site, it is possible to personalize our product recommendations, including the highest converting discounts, and following up with equally relevant email campaigns.

    By sending marketing emails only when our customers' actions indicate they'll be receptive to them, we make our email marketing cost-efficient and value-adding to the customer lifecycle with fewer emails.

    The 6 essential email marketing campaigns to grow eCommerce revenue

    1. Welcome emails for new subscribers

    This sequence of welcome emails, which can also be composed into a single email, is automatically triggered when a new subscriber signs up to our eCommerce site. It serves as an opportunity to inspire subscribers to deepen their relationship with our brand and look forward to upcoming content.

    With a welcome sequence, new subscribers will understand what to expect from our brand email communications. This campaign option is great for providing our new subscribers with useful resources to incentivize them to move through the buying process.

    It's also important that our welcome sequence is sent immediately because, at this stage, new subscribers are usually seeking more information about our brand.

    2. Abandoned cart emails

    The abandoned cart emails usually make up the most profitable campaigns. It consists of triggering a friendly reminder for new or loyal customers who have logged in, added items to their basket, and eventually abandoned our site without concluding their order.

    Apart from the potential to recover up to 15% of what would otherwise be lost revenue, the abandoned cart emails also give us an amazing opportunity to maximize revenue by providing additional value to customers through similar offers or buying incentives.

    In some cases, simply by implementing an abandoned cart email campaign, eCommerce sites manage to increase revenue by 50%. So it's clear that encouraging customers to complete their purchase if they abandon items in their cart, is very important to maximize revenue.

    3. Life event emails

    The life event emails are focused on building a stronger relationship with customers, including those who haven't interacted with our eCommerce site in a while. These email campaigns are quite simple to implement since they are triggered by specific timeframes, and based on special occasions.

    Whether we choose to send our customers a special gift on their birthday or celebrate their first purchase anniversary with a generous discount, the life event email campaigns help us show appreciation to particular customers with a personalized incentive.

    Life event email campaigns are especially successful because they create a natural reason to reach out to our customers and make them feel important, in an organic and unobtrusive way.

    4. Cross-sell emails

    The cross-sell email campaigns are ideal for when a customer completes an order, and we believe they would get extra value from a similar or complementary item from our catalog. These campaigns create an opportunity to recommend something else the customer might be interested in purchasing.

    This type of campaign works best with segmentation. So, using an email marketing tool that enables segmentation based on who has purchased one item, but not another related item, we may create campaigns that work together to entice customers in making additional purchases.

    The ROI for cross-selling email campaigns is usually very high because they improve the buying experience and encourage customers into making repeat purchases.

    5. Back in stock emails

    The back-in-stock email campaigns are a piece of great news to the inconvenience caused by customers realizing that one of our products is out of stock. By sending this email, we're removing a common buying obstacle and assuming that the customer buying intent did not fade away.

    This email campaign is an excellent conversion opportunity, especially if we're already sending abandoned cart emails. So when a customer adds an out-of-stock item to their cart and leaves, we bypass the abandoned cart email, and rather notify them about their cart when the item is back in stock.

    When sending back-in-stock emails, it is useful to visually remind the customer of what they wanted to purchase using a picture.

    6. Price drop emails

    The price drop email campaigns are useful to extend the life of our abandoned cart emails. So in the case that a customer receives our abandoned cart email campaign for a specific item, and still doesn't complete a purchase, we can reinforce it by notifying them when the price of the abandoned item drops.

    The point is in sending an email campaign when we reduce the price of an item, to all the customers who either abandoned the item on the cart or added the item to their favorites but are yet to complete their purchase.

    Price drop emails give us a high conversion opportunity by targeting customers who have demonstrated a buying intent for a specific item in our catalog.

    In conclusion

    When customers find value in their interactions with a brand, they're more likely to become loyal customers ready to repeat purchases.  That's why email marketing campaigns are vital to assure customers have positive and convenient experiences, which encourage them to become acquainted with the brand.

    Therefore, if we combine behavioral tracking and segmentation to build the overpowered email marketing campaigns into our eCommerce business, it is certain that our revenues will witness a stellar rise!

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