22 Facts That Will Change The Way You See Ukrainian Developers

  • January 29, 2019
22 Facts That Will Change The Way You See Ukrainian Developers

It’s suggested that Statistics means a big deal.


Researchers from the University of Oxford or other big cheese provide figures and hard facts, but we are sure the following stats will not induce you to yawn from boredom.

Every day Zfort Group comes across all sorts of interesting points about all members of the cyber business, so we’ve collated the best of them in this blog post.

And it comes as a great fact sheet to give context to HR efforts, to know your colleagues better or even hire the best dedicated team.

Based on 8 638 questionnaires from dou.ua and personal Zfort Group's observations, we present you a video with a list of oddballs and some hilarious statistics. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our insights into the Developer lives and Outsourcing world we live in.

  • How has the IT community changed over the last years?
  • Want to look at your candidates from another angle?
  • Why Ukrainian software engineers are in great demand today?

Let’s explore the stats! 

Table of contents

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