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In 2014, after six years of working to improve and develop Objective-C, Apple released a new programming language, Swift at the Apple Worldwide Conference for Developers. Unlike Objective-C, Swift is a statically typed language that is not a strict extension of C.

However, Swift supports interaction with both C and Objective-C, including new, useful features for iOS developers.

Zfort Group provides Swift iOS development using our best competencies. Our main goal is to create the most efficient solution that will contribute to the development of your business. We immerse in your project, delving into its goals and objectives. Vast experience and knowledge, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies, allow us to offer our clients better decisions for Swift mobile app development.

Why Swift?

  • Easy Сode

    Swift iOS development is easier than Objective-C. One of the significant benefits is the length of the code required for various kinds of applications. It is easier to study the code, and the time of writing is halved. Moreover, the code allows the use of emoticons.

  • Fast and Efficient

    Apple claims that Swift is up to 2.6 times faster than Objective-C, and 8.4 times faster than Python 2.7. According to the creators, Swift has incorporated the best from other programming languages. Its main advantage is speed: both during the development process and after the ready-made application launch. Hence, for this advantage over other languages, it was called Swift. In addition, Apple is continuously working on Swift speed increase. The fast code works more efficiently and smoothly, allowing a user to enjoy the device’s usage fully.

  • Standardized Syntax

    Swift syntax is short and straightforward. It was created to help developers eliminate common mistakes. The errors’ risk is minimized; it speeds up the work and makes it safer and more comfortable for users. A bonus is that Swift memory is managed automatically.

  • Clean Debugging

    In comparison with Objective-C, Swift is more resistant to miscode, so you could say it is less error-prone. For instance, it enables to generate a compiler error if an iOS application developer writes bad code. That is, the issue can be fixed once the code is written. This feature allows you to save time and money spent on bug fixing.

  • Compatibility with Objective-C

    One of the main features of Swift is its full backward compatibility with Objective-C. Thus, it allows you to rewrite projects from one language to another gradually. Furthermore, an integrated ecosystem has been created for Swift, ensuring code compatibility written in Objective-C and Swift.

  • Playground

    A playground is a kind of interactive sandbox where a developer can write code and immediately see the result of his work, without creating the iPhone app from scratch. This fact speeds up the coding process because separate pieces of code or algorithms can be written in the playground with visual feedback, without the risk of making errors in the main code.

  • Open Source

    Since Swift is open source now, Apple has taken steps towards becoming cross-platform. Designed for Apple platforms, Swift is slowly extending to other platforms. Currently, it’s compatible only with Linux. But it is predicted that this language will become more portable and over time will be available on other platforms.

  • Room for Improvement

    Since the system is quite young, it will be improved in the feature. Swift creators are striving to make their brainchild successful, continually working on new features. The tech giant IBM also has contributed significantly to the development of the language. The company introduced Swift (Sandbox) test environment and made it available in the cloud. Therefore, Swift backend development can be integrated with a large number of server tools.

Our Swift App Development Services

  • Business Analysis

    First of all, you need to answer the question: "Why do you need an app?"

    • What is the purpose of your future mobile application?
    • Do you want to sell, or do you want to increase brand awareness?
    • How active are competitors in the mobile field, what do their target audiences like and what applications are they using?

    It is equally important to understand the client’s market. All of this is important, and all these questions need to be answered before you start the development process.

  • Swift UI/UX App Design

    After the project goals are clear, we begin to develop a mobile interface. To do this, our specialists:

    • Create prototypes of the future app, taking into account the peculiarities of user experience with mobile applications. There are many nuances, and they differ from designing web pages;
    • Approval of the prototypes with the client;
    • Later prototypes are transferred to a specialist who creates mobile applications’ design.

    Once the design is ready and approved, the ball is in the developers’ court, and code development of the mobile application begins.

  • Сustom Swift Mobile App Development

    Apple Swift development is useful for both startups and already existing, successful projects to breathe new life into. By contacting us, you get:

    • Business approach to problem-solving;
    • Professional Swift application development;
    • Reliable business partner.

    Swift mobile development will be an undeniable competitive edge for your business. If you want to be closer to your customers, iOS application development is exactly what you need.

  • App Testing & Upgrade

    When Swift code development has been completed, we are testing mobile applications for quality and performance. It includes:

    • Code review;
    • Thorough check of functions on different devices;
    • Вug fixing.

    When the product is perfect, we release it.

  • App Support and Maintenanсe

    Adding new features to the existing iOS app has never been easier. We can

    • Upgrade your app and add new value to your business;
    • Migrate from Objective-C to fast modern Swift without hassles;
    • Keep an eye on any bugs occurring after some time.

    Stay tuned with new features and evolving demands of the mobile market.

TOP 5 Benefits of Mobile Application for Your Business


Sales Increase

People buy with smartphones; it is a fact. According to data provided by Adobe, 67% of online shoppers who use their mobile devices to make purchases prefer applications of their favourite companies and brands.


Restraining a User

Keep in touch with your target audience via push notifications. You can contact users at any time by sending a notification. It allows you to keep the user's attention, especially if the notifications contain useful information.


Earnings on Installations

You can monetize your app in different ways: in-app ads, paid version or paid enhanced version, in-app purchases.


Increase Coverage

More people will learn about you since you add another communication channel. Expanded functionality of mobile applications allows online stores to better control the interaction with users compared to websites and get more detailed analytics. These benefits help business owners personalize content more accurately and, as a result, implement better solutions to increase conversion


Advertising Channel

Create an advanced marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase revenue. Make the app your marketing voice.

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