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Zfort Group is an adopter of React Native, and we exactly know how to make the most of it.

Let's take it from the top.

React Native started its life in 2015. The fact is that it is quite young technology but loved by thousands already.

The library comes from the development team at Facebook and is a JavaScript framework for building native user interfaces.

The main aim is to build high-performance and compatible mobile applications using one code which suits both iOS and Android.

The real competitive edge with this technology is in the form of much-improved speeds and efficiency in app development at comparatively lowered costs.

Forget about unnecessary efforts and resources! Now you can save your time and up to 40% off investments for cross-platform mobile application development.

Why choose React Native Development?

  • Optimal Code Reuse

    Technically speaking, via React Native you build separate versions of your application for iOS and Android. However, at the same time, you use the same codebase for Android and iOS applications. This approach saves a lot of time and expense during mobile development.

  • Faster Development

    Development with React Native produces reusable code which saves you time and budget. Having the same program components shared by different app versions means less time spent on development, testing, and debugging, as well as simpler and faster updates.
    In this way, applications can use up to 80–90% of standard JavaScript code. Only Imagine how much time this is going to save you while building and debugging the app!

  • Native Performance

    React Native is well ahead of other cross-platform technologies.

    This platform outputs components that run as native views. Both the performance and the look and feel of the end product are a lot closer to what you’d expect from a native application.

    So your users get high speed even if the app uses many resources.

  • Modern Technologies

    React Native app development services allow you to stay on top of modern trends and your business can easily be one step ahead of future technological changes.

  • Strong Community

    React Native benefits from a growing community of JavaScript and ReactJS developers. Aside from that, it’s ecosystem is supported and developed by Facebook. So this platform has a great community, so it’s simple to get help or recommendations, share expertise and experience, and sharpen professional skills.

  • Reduced Ongoing Maintenance Cost

    Because upgrades and bug fixes can be made to both platforms simultaneously, we can keep the code base in sync throughout the lifecycle of the app. This means that maintenance costs are reduced and a fix for one platform is a fix for the other.

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Our React Native Development Services

  • Custom Mobile Solutions

    Zfort Group is a battle-tested in the most complex projects team. We stay on top of all the latest developments and emerging technologies to ensure our clients get the best solutions.

    • Run your project from the sketch through its realization;
    • You get a custom, on-demand development of your mobile application;
    • Top-notch React Native based iOS and Android apps development services using Native javascript library.

    At the final phase, we can advise you on the project's concept, possible ways to expand and where to engage with your niche customers.

  • React Native Team Augmentation

    Need to add a React Native developer to your existing team? Here at Zfort Group are a lot of young mobile developers excited about cutting edge design, with senior engineers that guarantee an application will be robust, secure, and scalable.

    • Can help with most complex software engineering challenges;
    • More than 19 years of experience;
    • Agile development methodology.

    We'll integrate as many React Native developers as needed, to help your business go faster and to increase the level of your team's skills.

  • Fast MVP for Mobile Startups

    MVP is excellent to test out your significant ideas.
    Minimum Viable Product is an entirely practical application that has only basic features.

    • MVP with React Native is more comfortable and cheaper than with other technologies;
    • Amazing UI and UX;
    • Quick start at the market;
    • 100% Confidential Consultation including a signed NDA.

    React Native development is perfect for creating powerful MVP solutions with high-performance functionality that save you an ample amount of time and money.

  • Migration to React Native

    What are the compelling reasons to migrate your digital product to React Native? Alternatively, should you add React Native to the existing project created with native languages?

    • React Native might even outperform native technologies in some ways;
    • Save your time and budget with a single React Native code;
    • There's no need to have two teams to manage iOS and Android mobile application.
  • Support & Maintenance

    Zfort Group provides ongoing support and enhancement of the app after it’s launched to ensure that your users enjoy it and don’t experience any problems.

    • Solid support ensures a smooth user experience;
    • Long-term client relationships.

    With our React Native app development services, the maintenance & support of your apps is never far away. We believe in long-lasting client relations.

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To hire React Native development company


One of the first things you should pay attention to when hiring a consulting company that specializes in React.js development is that they are quick to respond and have various ways of getting in touch with you.


React developers should also be well-versed in common programming languages used in web development, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Make sure you review the company’s work, including past projects, as well as testimonials from previous clients.


The developers you work with should be able to assist you with what you need at the time you need it. Thus, it’s essential to have access to a large pool of React JS and React Native developers who not only have the skills you need can help you get your project going.


By knowing how your development company screens and tests React developers, you can better determine if your hiring processes align or if you’ll find tech candidates who match the skills you need.