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Kotlin is a good option for Java fans and adepts as it can be seamlessly integrated with all Java-based products. It is best suited for mobile and even web application creation and literally has no limits in terms of its adoption. Being a swift and concise programming language, it lets you create mobile Android apps faster and in a more efficient way. This fact gives Kotlin extra bonus to be appreciated among the Android development community.

At Zfort Group we use Kotlin to provide our customers with fast development process which allows faster time-to-market and brings tangible business value.

Do you already have an idea of a mind-blowing innovative product? Or just looking around and seeking for inspiration? No matter what the answer is, drop us a line and we’ll help you get the ball rolling. Don’t wait for your competitors to be first, set the trend within your industry yourself.


Kotlin application development

No surprise this programming language is largely supported by both development and business
communities. Check the key advantages of picking this programming language for your next project:


It’s Java-compatible

What does that mean? Well, it means that any migration between Java and Kotlin is as easy as one-two-three. It makes Kotlin attractive for Android app developers and product owners as well as those, who are willing to scale their product.


It’s concise

Software developers need fewer lines of code for the same functionality created using other programming languages. Less code means fewer bugs and a more reliable system in general. It also allows lower development costs and easy maintenance in the future.


It’s fast

Because of its conciseness (see above), Kotlin requires less development time. The language offers intuitive syntax and is not as heavy and bulky as Java. It also offers numerous features that make the developer’s life easier: extensions, default values, and many more functions which only speed up the every-day development tasks.


It’s safe

Needless to say, being a concise programming language, it prevents developers from producing too much code that inevitably reduces numerous risks with app crashes and product failures. Opting for Kotlin is a proven way to get a robust code from the start.


It’s error-free

Well, almost. The compiler facilitates error search whenever possible and helps to avoid major errors. This fact allows our customers to cut their costs on bug fixes and improve the overall performance of their product.


Amazing community

Your development team won’t be left alone in the middle of nowhere, because any issue with the code or architecture can be solved with the help of the strong Kotlin community. Kotlin adoptions grow continuously, so the number of free educational resources, online tutorials, books, and guides grows as well.

Why Choose Kotlin?

Just because

Java may seem a bit too heavy and hard to be modernized and yet it has become rather a luxury niche option for developing software. Meanwhile, Kotlin is a fresh and flexible alternative for creating fast and efficient apps.

A major reason for Kotlin to be named a good alternative to Java was its perfect compatibility with Java 6 back in the days. In 2017, Google made an announcement stating that Kotlin is a perfect fit for creating Android-based apps (that’s a sign of a huge appreciation). And this news just boomed its adoption worldwide, and today, 60% of projects use Kotlin for Android app development.

Which companies already use Kotlin for their products?

Kotlin is a good option for both small startups and large Fortune 500 companies. Just take a look at the list of companies where Kotlin is already in use:


Amazon Web Services





Are you considering migrating your Android app to Kotlin?

Once you’re here, we assume you’re just considering to develop an app from
scratch or look for the opportunity to migrate your existing project.

How do you make sure migration is a good idea for your project?

Do you have a development team that can do the migration for you?

Switching to another programming language can be costly at a glance, as Kotlin is a different programming language. So before you decide to switch, make sure there’s a true interest within your development team to learn it.

Can your existing project components be recoupled?

It’s important to keep a close eye on every part of your project’s functionality as you do the migration. Once the project is not ready for migration, some components may be lost, crashed, damaged, and result in a hard QA process and tough release.

Top business benefits of using Kotlin:

Faster development time

Safer than Java


Easy integration
with Android Studio

What is Kotlin used for?

Frankly speaking, Kotlin can be used anywhere and applied in all those projects
that Java is being used for. So, the quick answer is everywhere.

Basically, we divide Kotlin development services into the following aspects:

for Android development

for server-side development

Kotlin development

Hire Kotlin App Developers

Wow, here we are! If you have decided to pick Kotlin to develop your project or you would like to scale your existing Kotlin development team, Zfort Group is here to help!

Zfort Group has built partnerships with top brands worldwide and has been a trusted partner to create software products that make a difference. And we are eager to become a part of your success story and will assist you on every stage of the process by contributing our enthusiasm and decade-long experience.

Why Hire Kotlin developers with Zfort Group?

There are 3 major reasons Zfort Group could be a perfect match for your next project:

We have a pool of pre-selected specialists ready to join your existing team;


We have experience building Kotlin development teams from scratch according to your requirements;


Zfort Group offers flexibility for every company we partner with to make sure we fully adjust to your working process.

Are you in search for Kotlin developers you can trust your project? Just
drop us a line and our experts will get back to you asap!