Zfort Group’s Projects: Forecasters’ Tournament Reviews

  • September 29, 2010
Zfort Group’s Projects: Forecasters’ Tournament Reviews

News from Zfort Group's Football Club:

Half a year ago Zfort Group's employees created forecasters' tournament within IT League 10. Then all the forecasts were taken at the website Kharkov Football  and processed by rule of thumb. But everything has changed about a week ago.

For holding a tournament during IT League 3.0 we designed a special widget that helps create forecasts and learn the results of the latest matches. This novelty greatly simplified participation in the tournament and after 3 tournaments we are able to state growth of the number of participants. In the first tournament there were 397 forecasts for matches, in the second and third – 484 and 539 correspondingly. Overall number of the tournament participants exceeded 60 people and this number increases with each tournament.

At the Kharkov Football website several people wrote pleasant reviews about our widget.

One of the pleasant moments is that we are able to provide detailed reports on matches forecasts and also on tournaments results. We use these features to increase the number of statistic data with each day of the game.

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