SEO Lecture for Developers

  • June 17, 2015

Education non-stop is the only option to stay on top in any business. For a web and software development this rule is one of the basic ones. Stop for a while and you'll stand in a museum with T. Rex.

SEO Lecture for DevelopersWhen we develop products for the web, we always think about the future of a website or an app. Search Engine Optimization is an important part of marketing strategy for the majority of the websites. Nowadays, to create a website, that «just works», is not enough. It must be optimized for the «search spiders» and fit today's search engine recommendations from the very beginning. Otherwise, the costs for the future changes can be similar to basic price of the project.

SEO Lecture for DevelopersThe easiest way to get better knowledge is to find the best teachers. We asked Alex Vinagradsky to make an internal lecture for our developers. Alex has over 7 years of SEO for European and American markets and, of course, enough successful case studies. So we were very glad to receive his positive reply.

SEO Lecture for Developers
For two hours we spoke about the basic SEO rules, modern trends and common developers' mistakes. Also we talked about hidden problems of the modern CMSs. One part of the lecture was dedicated to cooperation between the developers and SEO specialists. Success of the event was confirmed by a lot of the questions. Some of them were prepared by the participants beforehand; the others were formed during the lecture.

SEO Lecture for DevelopersSEO Lecture for DevelopersSEO Lecture for DevelopersWe are very grateful to Alex for the great lecture and recommend him as SEO specialist for your projects.

SEO Lecture for DevelopersSEO Lecture for Developers

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