Hottest on the Web: MWC 2013, Emmet v.1.0, Firefox OS, IE10 for Windows 7 and Much More!

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 04th of March.

Top Seven News

MWC 2013

The leading manufacturers of mobile electronics introduced their latest achievements at the annual exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. . ARM, AMD, Intel, and Texas Instruments have shown that the development of the CPU market is a permanent ongoing process. Nokia has provided its customers with a couple of new Lumia smartphones and a few ordinary mobile phones. ASUS has revealed several new smartphones and tablets. Japanese craftsmen from NEC stroke everyone with a new dual screen smartphone. LG showed new phones while Samsung introduced Tizen, their innovative operating system. And finally, the main set: MWC 2013: news and reviews from the world’s biggest mobile show.

Emmet 1.0 + 2 innovative projects

Emmet v1.0 was finally out together with two additional projects, namely: CodeMirror Movie  – the CodeMirror editor plug-in that allows users to create demos for code and DocPad plug-ins which help to create professional websites on DocPad, the framework to generate static web sites. produced a short but very inspiring video to motivate the young generation and not only them to learn coding. The founders of Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and others describe the ways to learn coding hoping that every student in every school will have the opportunity to learn programming soon.

Firefox OS

Mozilla Foundation is trying to do their best in getting its share in the market of mobile OS developers. Many mobile operators have already agreed to support the project while the other manufacturing companies introduced their first Firefox OS-based  smartphones. Although the current OS basically aimed at developing countries, even Sony is experimenting with it on their new smartphone Xperia. But not everyone is so confident in success of Firefox OS, for example Huawei officials state that the new OS can appear to be not so useful as expected. And finally, Firefox OS results at MWC 2013.

Microsoft has officially run IE 10 for Windows 7 at last. You can download the browser innovative version here now or be ready that Microsoft will do it for you automatically on your Windows 7 OS in the nearest future. Microsoft and IEBlog post are also worth to see as well as IE10 interactive web site launched to advertise the browser.

A collection of the best front-end frameworks/js-libraries

We offer you a collection of the best HTML / CSS frameworks in one place. In addition, we cannot ignore the collection of the best JS-libraries. But those who prefer moving from jQuery to vanilla JS are invited here.

Those smartphone owners who do not have a license to use Google Play can sleep peacefully. Russian search giant Yandex has taken care of them, launching an app store with 50,000+ certified apps. Purchases can be made with a bank card or a mobile account. According to Alexander Zverev, the head of Yandex.Store the company has all the opportunities to challenge Google offering games for mobile phone manufacturers and operators.


  1. The most popular Russian search giant Yandex launched its own app store for Android, with 50,000 apps inside — Yandex that is already named Russian Google released Android app store called Yandex.Store. The store contains 50,000 apps ready to download while Yandex allows carriers and device manufactures to customize the store to their needs if necessary.
  2. Sony has updated the list of third-party European PS4 developers — Sony decreased the list of third-party PS 4 developers in Europe from 53 to 28, and then updated its number to 30, adding Criterion Games and Ghost Games.
  3. Report by Distimo: Android is growing 2 times faster than Apple — Distimo (# 1 App Analytics in the world) has released another report concerning the current state of the mobile infrastructure. Everyone is welcome to download it after registering here, or see the most interesting points in the post.
  4. According to Microsoft Windows Phone store now contains 130,000+ apps — although Windows Phone 8 is not so successful as Google Android and Apple iOS, the mobile operating system by Microsoft is now under active development, including the constantly increasing number of apps and games in Windows Phone store.
  5. LG Electronics purchased webOS from HP to enhance their Smart TVs — the companies stated in a joint press release that according to the achieved agreement LG is buying the source code, associated documentation, engineering talent and related websites associated with webOS from HP. The transaction also means LG to receive licenses under HP’s intellectual property for use with its webOS products in the future.
  6. Facebook VP Dan Rose shares the company’s plans for the nearest future — Facebook is focusing on partnership with apps developers, advertisers and media companies providing its users with the new features of Graph Search, including an active development of mobile social search. Also there are plans to provide their followers with abilities to share music, videos, books, publications and other types of entertainment info right in their Newsfeeds.
  7. Having aimed at mobile market Adobe released Photoshop for smartphones — Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE) announced a new version of Adobe Photoshop Touch, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android smart phones for only $5. The software supports 12 Mpx images with many features of the tablet version, including layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments, filters, fades, strokes, graphical text and many others.
  8. Google launched Trends to seven new countries — since February 27, 2013 Google Trends expand to seven new countries. Thus, users from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom can now browse the most popular topics of their countries.
  9. Fortune’smost-admired companies: IT sphere is no mean the last — according to the Fortune’s latest research used such indexes as innovation of services, their quality, staff management and its quality, social responsibility, financial soundness and some others Apple is No.1 in the world, Google is 2nd, Amazon is 3rd… what is next?
  10. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey remember how they’ve learnt to code —, a non-profit organization that motivates young generation to learn programming, produced a short but very inspiring video. The founders of known around the globe IT companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and others talk about how to learn coding, IT sphere prospects, what kind of developers the companies are looking for now.
  11. Intel has bought Appmobi’s development tools for HTML5 expertise to increase its HTML5 development propositions — the set of HTML tools initially created by appMobi was used by more than one hundred and a half thousand of programmers. For further maintenance of the development tools Intel has hired some part of appMobi team responsible for the HTML5 Developer tools to continually maintain them.
  12. Mobile World Congress MWC 2013 — one of the busiest tech shows of new phones, tablets and other devices for the past several years Mobile World Congress is taking place at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. New products by Nokia, ARM, Asustek, Intel, ASUS, NEC, LG as well as MWC Day 1 hot news report.
  13. MasterCard announced MasterPass at MWC 2013 — the Future of Digital Payments – Credit card giant MasterCard has launched a new digital payment system MasterPass. The system stores customers’ necessary data in a ‘secure cloud’ allowing its users to use various digital devices including smartphones as digital wallets to spend money on their bank accounts.
  14. Firefox OS:
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire: the first Firefox smartphone — the brightly colored 3.5-inch Alcatel One Touch Fire appears to be the very first smartphone running an open-source operating system Firefox, a new promising competitor of Android and iOS. Firefox OS apps built with HTML5 mean their compatibility with the Web and are to be launched on smartphones or tablets.
  • ZTE Open: another smartphone with Mozilla’s Firefox OS — MWC 2013 has brought us ZTE Open — a colorful little smartphone with open-source based on Linux Firefox OS. The device has the following main specifications: a 3.5-inch screen (320×480), a 1GHz processor and a 3Mpx camera.
  • Firefox OS to be supported by 18 world-wide known operators — at Mobile World Congress 2013 Mozilla was glad to announce not only a number of important updates to its HTML5 Firefox OS, but a list of 18 operators that have proclaimed their commitment to the innovative project. According to Mozilla the commitment of such giants as China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Telenor, MegaFon, Telecom Italia Group, VimpelCom and a dozen of others “demonstrates significant industry support for a fully-adaptable, unconstrained mobile platform”.
  • Firefox OS – operating system for developing countries — designed for developing markets, the Firefox OS is aimed at customers in Brazil, Columbia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Venezuela i.e. those who haven’t widely used smartphones yet. Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and LG have already released Mozilla OS smartphones with quite promising initial UI while Sony have just announced their initiatives to launch their first Firefox-based device not later than in 2014.
  • Sony experiments with Firefox OS on Xperia — Japanese tech giant Sony and a global telecom company Telefonica have officially proclaimed their support for Firefox OS. Sony stepped even further having released an experimental budget-oriented Jelly Bean running handset Xperia E that matches closely to all other existing Firefox OS devices.
  • Firefox OS according to MWC results — Mobile Web Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain has given an official startup for Firefox OS that brought giant interest to Gary Covacs, Mozilla CEO and his Mozilla team.
  • MWC 2013 Firefox OS video review — the video reveals the main Firefox OS features that allow it to occupy 1/5 of the global web products market for the past 15+ years.
  • Sony is going to unveil Firefox smartphones in 2014 — after LG and Huawei official announcement to start producing Firefox smartphones, Sony has also joined the coalition. According to Sony officials their first Firefox OS devices will appear in the market in Q1-Q2 of 2014.


  • Transcript of Mozilla’s Firefox OS event at MWC 2013 — described in details 2 hours official event provided with quality shots makes us to take part in the first Firefox OS smartphones release hold in Barcelona, Spain just a couple of days ago.
  • Mozilla CEO: Android, iOS leave lots of room for Firefox OS — at Mobile World Congress 2013 Gary Kovacs, Mozilla CEO, states that Firefox OS will be able to get its audience among those 2 billion users who are going to occupy the web during the next five years since much room is left for one more mobile OS even after iOS, Android and others.


  1. Internet Explorer 10 finally arrives on Windows 7 — Microsoft has just released the final version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. The software can be downloaded here right now or Microsoft is planning to automatically update Windows 7 to IE10 soon. Official posts by Microsoft and IEBlog are not less interesting. Please pay attention to the advertising IE10 interactive web site.
  2. Take a chance to glance at the very first Internet Explorer 11 Screenshot! — Microsoft is already working on the next version of IE that is going to be a part of the next update, set for the release that is going to happen in the second half of the current year.
  3. Browser makers open local storage hole in HTML5 — Feross Aboukhadijeh, a 22-year-old Web developer from Stanford states that some errors when implementing HTML5 on such wide-spread browsers as Chrome, Opera and IE can be exploited to fill the hard drives of their users.
  4. Firefox Beta includes private browsing — Firefox 20 moved to beta testing, having finished the formation of the based functionality and focused on errors detection and quality control.
  5. Google Chrome may soon get audio indicators in every tab — innovative feature of Google Chrome Canary contains animated indicators of audio recording and playback on each opened tab allowing users to reduce suddenly appeared sounds when necessary.
  6. Opera Mobile for Android or just Opera is going to be released soon — an updated Opera focuses on a modern UI and performance while resembling the current Google Chrome browser for Android a lot.
  7. Firefox is going to block external cookies on the web sites — new rules of Cookies handling are going to be applied soon to ensure the storage of private information about the user movements in the web.
  8. Voice driven web apps: introduction to the web speech API — new functionality allows users to convert the spoken word into text with up to 30 different languages support at the current moment. The demo version provides the users with ability to dictate a letter to be converted to text and then sent by e-mail.

Amazing Websites’ Design:

  1. — a web site with custom navigation and nice CSS animation.
  2. — a web site with Metro style UI.
  3. — a vertical inspiring web site, created by American students, in collaboration with NASA.
  4. — an interesting approach to the selection of categories on the main page.
  5. fountainofyouth — an interactive story on the web site.
  6. — a funny website that sells the same funny toys.
  7. — an easy portfolio in the form of a horizontal slider with extensive CSS3 animations.
  8. — another positive portfolio.
  9. — funny animated illustrations in “Indian” style.

Design It:

  1. Design integration tutorial.
  2. 50 examples of the basic design of apps for Windows 8.
  3. Responsive design with mockups.
  4. 30+ latest free infographic design kits.
  5. How to design for Android devices.
  6. Creating exciting and unusual visual hierarchies.
  7. Image techniques for creating depth in web design.
  8. Adding texture and transparency to 3D objects in Photoshop CS6 extended.
  9. Changing your background.
  10. Sleek Media Player interfaces: best examples and free PSD’s.
  11. Create a cool typography effect in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  12. 12.  Top vector design tutorials.
  13. 40 cool plane inspired logo design, as well as oranges and loopy.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Paint stained paper textures.
  2. 40 beautiful free calendar PSD designs.
  3. 50 free website PSD templates.
  4. 10 super useful free icon font sets + Saaraan icon font.
  5. 10 beautiful new free fonts from Pixa Type to Corki + Hello Denver sans-serif font.


  1. 7 great online alternatives to Photoshop.
  2. browserhacks — online collection of browser CSS and JS hacks.


  1. Shaders in browsers.
  2. Fade loading on CSS
  3. Fancy input in the forms.
  4. Kontext — a context-shift transition by Hakim El Hattab.


  1. Emmet (known as Zen Coding before) — a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve HTML & CSSworkflow. Version 1.0 was released together with a couple of supplementary projects, CodeMirror Movie  – the CodeMirror editor plug-in that allows users to create demos for programming and DocPad plug-ins to create efficient web solutions on DocPad, the framework that is used to generate static web sites.
  2. A comparison of methods for building mobile-optimized websites.
  3. Learn how to create a simple Html5 website.
  4. W3Conf fresh videos.
  5. Mozilla and Ericsson demonstrated the potential of WebRTC at MWC2013.
  6. Placeholder font for text instead of Lorem Ipsum, inspired by BLOKK.
  7. Build responsive emails.
  8. Essential HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques.
  9. RESS: Responsive Design + server side components.
  10. A complete guide for building HTML5 games + how I built a Windows Store app with HTML5 and SVG.
  11. HTML5 forms introduction and new attributes.
  12. Search with filters responsive design pattern.
  13. HTML’s new template tag standardizing client-side templating.
  14. Most developers now prefer HTML5 for cross-platform development.
  15. Free training course for Windows Phone 8.
  16. 16.  DevTools: Support for the console.table command has landed.
  17. Forget about Angry Birds! Check 10 Apps for Learning HTML5.


  1. Wall clock in pure CSS3.
  2. A collection of the best front-end CSS frameworks for faster and easier web development.
  3. User styles that simplify UI and give focus for popular websites.
  4. An introduction to CSS3 Calc() function.
  5. Modular CSS preprocessing with rework.
  6. CSS beautifier — online CSS formatting.
  7. CSS triangle generator.
  8. Gradient CSS scanner.
  9. Create a brilliant sprited, CSS-powered Firefox animation.
  10. Animenu — a responsive dropdown navigation made with SASS.
  11. Creating “Loading” animations using only CSS3.
  12. The problem of CSS form elements.
  13. How to remove -moz- prefixes.
  14. Typeplate — a typographic starter kit.
  15. CSS and HTML5 creatures.
  16. Browsers that support SVG background images also support multiple background images.


  1. Step by step from jQuery to Backbone.
  2. JQuery UI widget factory.
  3. TryjQuery — an interactive manual to learn the basic building blocks of jQuery.
  4. JSDB — a collection of the best javascript libraries.
  5. Elastic content slider with CSS3 animation.
  6. How jQuery 1.9.1 overcomes Internet Explorer 6/7/8 JavaScript.
  7. spectrum — colorpicker on jQuery.
  8. Hook.js — pull to refresh. For the web.
  9. iosSlider — Touch enabled jQuery Horizontal Slider plug-in.
  10. svj.js — a lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.
  11. w2ui — a new JavaScript UI Library.
  12. imageloader.js — a jQuery plug-in for preloading images.
  13. fathom.js — a library to create presentations.
  14. Anima.js — a light-weight library to animate over a hundred objects at a time.
  15. JavaScript functions table that shows their support in various browsers.
  16. Pragmatic Standards — JavaScript coding standards and best practices by Steve Kwan.
  17. Angular.js — JS Camp UKraine 2013 Angularby Max Klymyshyn.

Fun & Entertainment:

A little more about smartphones:

  1. Ubuntu Phone OS integrates with Orange and Deutsche Telekom in GSMA OneAPI initiative.
  2. How the Mobile consumer connects around the Globe.
  3. Hands-on with Tizen 2.0 on Samsung’s developer handset + video.
  4. YotaPhone hands-on – gestures, e-ink and vanilla Android.
  5. How Samsung ate the Smartphone industry and now threatens Google.

3D Printers:

  1. Will 3D printing revolutionize the way we live?
  2. Dimension Elite 3D printer detailed overview.

And some more news:

  1. Inocente: Homeless. Creative. Unstoppable by Inocente Filmmaking Team.
  2. Tour to Google London offices.
  3. Why programmers work at night?
  4. Bombermine online — up to 1000 players on a single map.
  5. Rotating quotes for developers and web designers.
  6. Youtube Education -10 best educational Youtube channels.
  7. WCAG 2.0 theme song web content accessibility guidelines – disability.
  8. MSL Curiosity driver has answered Paolo Bellutta questions.
  9. This is how Dennis Tito plans to send people to Mars.
  10. Six new social networks to watch in 2013

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