January 8, 2019

Let's start the post-holiday season with a deep dive into the most hot updates on web development. Check how much website development will cost in 2019, an overview of the top JavaScript frameworks and topics to learn, and a bunch of insights on VueJS, React, and Angular. Stay tuned and make sure not to miss the upcoming issue and follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


• How Much Should You Get Paid To Build Websites In 2019?
• Static Site Boilerplate: A better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.
• Learn how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for Authentication 
• PageSpeed Module: Dramatically Increase the Speed of Your Website Automatically
• How to Create Snippets for VS Code


• How To Learn CSS
• CSS Grid for Designers. How a new technology is changing layout on the web
• Simple CSS Animation Tutorial
• A Quick CSS Audit and General Notes About Design Systems
• Multi-Line Inline Gradient


• Background Sync with Service Workers
• Top JavaScript Frameworks and Topics to Learn in 2019
• Learn modern javascript in 10 simple ways
• Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js

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